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Thread: Silouette special wiring

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    Red face Silouette special wiring

    Hi just joined the forum as I have just ordered a sterling sub3 and will hopefully win a set of silouette special pickups with switch but can't seem to find any wiring diagrams on the net so really hoping someone out there can help me please and also is there anywhere in uk that sell plain white scratchplates or white pearl ones thank you

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    Or go to Silhouette Special and click Diagrams & Schematics :-)

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    No, those are just the switching selections. For the actual wiring schematic you'll have to email customer service with your serial number. I had one around here somewhere but seem to have lost it. BTW because the stock HSS wiring is non-standard (the middle position is neck pickup and one coil of the bridge pickup, and the silent circuit has to be hooked up as well) they use a five-way super switch and the wiring is pretty complicated and cramped. I don't recommend it as a job for the faint of heart or those with little soldering experience.
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    Email A.J. on the EBMM forums.....I thought I had a diagram for a 2011 Silo Special, but not in digital form.

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    Sorry. Just as I did hit Reply I realized it wasn't the diagram for the Silhouette Special I downloaded the other day. It was for a competitors guitar. Now where's my mind

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    Thank you for reply everyone I have now contacted the team and hopefully get one soon and have seen a picture and seen lots of wiring but done a fair bit of that sort of stuff so fingers crossed if not may be just use pickups in normal 5 way switch and push pull pot just for bridge middle coil tap thanks again

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