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Thread: Luke official tremolo setup

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    broken in strings.
    strange thing is that yesterday after 1,5 -2 hours of playing I re-tuned the guitar before putting it back to case and checked also the intonation...surprise: it was almost ok on every string.
    don't know the logical explanation, but I assume that the wood, hardware, springs , temperature always interact and can affect tuning
    also I don't know if is intonation related, but now the guitar stays better in tune for sure.
    I'll have to find the patience for the intonation of my JP and see after if tuning stability is better )

    Quote Originally Posted by ksandvik View Post
    Are you using just broken in strings or old strings? Best to do intonation work on strings that have just been broken in.

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    Intonation has nothing to do with the tuning stability. Lukes seem to stay in tune a bit better with the bridge floating. Tremolo springs are also known to have their own "memory" - they need a little bit of time to settle after the new setup.

    Glad you sorted it out. Enjoy your "floating" Luke.

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    hi to all,
    I have a problem on my luke II, intonation tends to grow! Can someone kindly help me?
    Many thanks

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    That's correct, the springs do need time to settle. It might even be a few string changes down the line before they stay in position. I've set my new L3 trem to float, but one thing I have noticed is the trem arm is very high compared to the Luke II arm. Nowhere near as comfortable. I tried putting the Luke II arm on the L3 and it fits OK and works as it should. Now I'm thinking I need to look at getting another Luke II trem arm. Wonder if I can get one with the chrome tip?.....
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    I played a LIII at a local GC, with the trem set flat to the body and it just felt wrong.

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    Quick question, it is common for the Luke's tremolo springs to settle in so you need to use them for a while? Or, when you push the tremolo you get a snapping sound and the G-string snaps out of tuning and then with a quick push on the tremolo it snaps back to tune, is that normal for new guitars?
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    I would rather suspect that is a nut slot issue, try to lubricate it

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    Hmm, thanks I do lubricate the nut slots but I could add a little bit more in for the G string of course.

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    Urgent! Help me please

    Quote Originally Posted by Klon Solo View Post
    My Luke is set up to his spec. I can do chin ups on the trem arm and it won't go out of tune. I love it.
    Hey everybody, my Luke Bfr is wrongfully setuped by the former owner. Please send a pic how and how many springs itís supposed to be to get the bridge floating. He had 010. I just bought 009-42 EB strings and will change. Thanks in advance. Tompa
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    it should work fine for 009-42 EB strings by using 3 springs (which I set parallel).

    See DrKev's post:

    for trem adjustment.
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    Hi!I have my Luke II set to raise 1 step and a half on the G string. No problem at all. 2 springs with 9-42 strings. You could also put 3 springs but it would make the whammy bar a bit les soft to use.
    I still haven't decided whether I should go with 10s or 9s but in case I should put 10s once again I would surely put 3 springs back once again.
    The real issue with the Luke is the frets size from my point of view. You hate them or love them..

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPanther View Post
    it should work fine for 009-42 EB strings by using 3 springs (which I set parallel).

    See DrKev's post:

    for trem adjustment.

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