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Thread: NGD JP6 Tangerine Pearl All Rosewood

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    NGD JP6 Tangerine Pearl All Rosewood

    I finally got it! Here are some "mandatory pics. Sorry, no time for a proper photo shoot!

    No words more than looks and plays awesome! The store where I got it, set it in E flat by my request with 10-46 and it plays as good as my other JP6, super set-up! Does these have stainless steel frets? They look super shiny!

    I'm uber busy & got a gig tomorrow evening and just want to play the guitar... So more later my friends! Rock on!

    NGD JP6 Tangerine Pearl All Rosewood-4-dscn6400-jpgNGD JP6 Tangerine Pearl All Rosewood-1-dscn6402-jpgNGD JP6 Tangerine Pearl All Rosewood-5-dscn6407-jpg

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    Oh man, that things is pure sickness. Big congrats on that baby.
    I was rocking two rosewood necks today, the LIII and my AL. yup, I do enjoy them very much.

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    Congrats! That's a sweet looking JP... I love the neck on my HHAL! All rosewood is just amazing...
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    Hehe, I read "All rosewood" and thought that the entire guitar would be in rosewood The disappointment after that >.< Totally misleading topic, lol. In any case, rosewood neck looks awesome, on any finish. Tangerine Pearl included! So congratulations on that ^__^ Still waiting on my Bahama Blue Burst BFR 7 string!
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    Wow! Tangerine looks sooooo good with that neck. Great choice.

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    Woof! She's a beauty!!!


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    That's hot! Nice score!
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    Yup, rosewood looks great on the tangerines. Congrats!
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    I miss my tangerine pearl!!!

    It's such a great color and pictures don't do it justice!!

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    Great gig tonite

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    congrats! this color looks cool with the rosewood neck.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    BTW, I created a Picasa album. Did not take the time to retake the pics as the online store had done a great job, so I just copied their photo session into my folder.

    See all the pics here: https://plus.google.com/photos/11675...59967673482209

    Also, did my first gig with it last evening! It rocked and no issues. Awesome guitar.

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    Reflex - Black Maple Hardtail - 11/07/12

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    My new JP6 in action with my band.

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