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Thread: wiring mod for axis sport with mm90's,help needed.

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    wiring mod for axis sport with mm90's,help needed.

    Hi all,I need some help with my axis sport mm90 guitar. I want to wire it so that the tone pot only work's with the bridge pickup? I find the neck pickup a bit muddy so I'm hoping that without the tone pot it will open the pickup up a bit.Thanks in advance llew.

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    Right now the white wire from the tone pot is wired to the volume pot. To do this, you'll need to unsolder that (making sure the white wire from the switch is now wired to the volume pot), and instead wire it to the point on the switch where the red wire from the bridge pickup goes.

    Not sure how the neck pickup will sound with the extra load, but it's an easy thing to try.

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    Thanks beej i'l give that a go.Cheers llew.

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    No problemo! Let us know how you make out.

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    Just done it,will try it through my main amp tomorrow but it sound's promising through my cheapo practice amp.Thanks again,much appreciated Llew.

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    Tried it through my Dr z tonight and it worked great. Thanks again beej much appreciated Llew.

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    Hey- that's excellent! Glad it worked out.

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