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Thread: NGD tomorrow Majesty

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    NGD tomorrow Majesty

    Receiving my Majesty tomorrow can't wait, keep checking UPS website every 5 min. Will post pictures as soon as I get it

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    Wow. Enjoy!!!

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    Ebay right?

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    yes sir ebay

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    Well, Music Man has done it again this guitar is amazing. I have been playing since 88 and never have I played a guitar like this everything is perfect, the access to the 24 fret alone is worth the price

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    More pics!!!!!!!!!!
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    Very nice. Us suckers who ordered ours as a "Custom Order" have egg on our faces now

    Enjoy it. I will when mine arrives!
    Balls..... everywhere!

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    Very nice bro congrats! Im really wondering what the wiring looks like with the new switches.

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    I took a look at the wiring, and it looks like a computer mother board, as a matter of fact I think it has a computer chip inside at least thats what it looks like. I will try to post a picture

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    I think I'll keep my pickups stock on this one...
    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

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    Very nice congrats on being the first and so how does it sound? Will get to check out one tomorrow at the DIGF.


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    Are you the first (Second after John) Majesty owner in the WORLD!?

    Legendary HNGD!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nickpocalypse View Post
    Are you the first (Second after John) Majesty owner in the WORLD!?

    Legendary HNGD!!!!!
    LOL Well he is at least the first forumite to own one

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    Interesting to see the "Majesty" logo on the headstock underneath "Music Man"... I figured that'd only be on the 7 string models.
    Post clips!!!

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