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Thread: NGD Majesty no2

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    NGD Majesty no2

    I think it sounds better on Artic Dream

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    Here is a pic of the ladies

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    I love seeing the back. So smooth. Beautiful Ladies!

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    Damn.....very nice.

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    Thanks great instruments

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    Nice, very nice. I will have my arctic dream soon. And then a Black one. How about a video?
    Balls..... everywhere!

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    Nice! Are you running your axe fx into real cabs?
    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

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    Two? This is why I can't even find one!

    Actually, I found a blue one on eBay that I'm really thinking about.

    What kind of case does the Majesty come with? Is it the standard plastic TSA case or the nicer BFR-style case?

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    Wow great guitars and plus on the gear!!

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    The AxeFx is only used for effects I use the Triaxis and 2:90 for amp, I have it connected in the 4 cable method. The case is the plastic TSA type I was hoping for the BFR case

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    How different does the Majesty sound from the JP13?

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    the majesty as compared to the JP13 are very similar sounding in my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmercado View Post
    the majesty as compared to the JP13 are very similar sounding in my opinion
    My majesty sustains way more than the JP13 and has a thicker- fuller sort of sound.

    The JP has a bit more of a vocal quality to it and a bit more of a pronounced treble. The majesty is overall a bit more balanced...

    But I have a 6 string 13 and a 7 majesty so it's not a perfectly fair comparison.
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    Awesome, would love to have one nevermind 2, be great to see a video of the sounds, clean and piezo and the mix.

    Very jealous


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    Love the rig!

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