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Thread: Majesty Color

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    Majesty Color

    I am so undecided as to which color to get and I am stuck between Iced Crimson and Arctic Dream. I decided to go with the 6 string variant for my first MM so maybe a couple of months down the road I will buy a 7 to compliment it.

    Just wondering what colors everyone else is planning to get? Maybe it will make the decision easier for me. Hehe.

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    If I were getting one, it'd be Arctic Dream

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    Siberian sapphire in person is amazing

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    This video sold me the glacial frost...AND

    Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Electric Guitar Demo - Sweetwater Sound - YouTube

    Doug Dopplers sheer joy and enthusiasm for the Majesty is another reason for me getting one soon...I like his description of Petrucci's signature models..So when i read other people going on about how much they know about guitars,and are ignorant of other makes,i simply laugh and say

    "Exactly how many thousands of stadiums have you played with your guitar?"..Shuts them right up!
    The time and effort and the craft shown to the Majesty is mind blowing,especially the 60 prototypes part!..
    Petrucci is not only a wonderful guitarist,but it shows how meticulous he is..
    He definitely appeals to my slight OCD.haha!

    Also,my friend told me a while ago..Musicman's aren't just a guitar with the artists signature on like other makes of guitar
    If Petrucci,Luke,Albert Lee,Steve Morse,or any other endorsee was playing,and needed a guitar for whatever reason,they would be shipped to them from a shop at a moments notice

    I just dont think sometimes we appreciate that whatever your choice of Musicman,you are playing exactly what the artist does too,and that's why i hold these guitars,and Ernie Ball in such high esteem,not only for supplying us with such wonders

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    I am really leaning towards the 6 in iced crimson and maybe down the road the 7 in arctic dream. Its funny because I never see people leaning towards the iced crimson almost everyone wants the arctic dream color. I never seen either in person but just pictures.
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    I've got a 6 in Polar Noire, and I might be picking up a 7 in Glacier Frost tomorrow (got a couple paddles to unload at GC!).
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    I think the Majesty looks best in Iced Crimson or Glacial Frost.
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    The Polar Noire is my favorite followed by Arctic Dream. I am getting an Artic Dream in a few days first, but I love that Polar Noire
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