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Thread: The Axis Neptune Blue is "Out of this World"!!!

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    The Axis Neptune Blue is "Out of this World"!!!

    The Neptune Blue color package features African mahogany bodies finished in a custom Neptune Blue finish. The package also includes a figured roasted maple neck and high profile, wide stainless steel frets.

    Model PDN Axis
    Year 2014
    Body Type Solid Body
    Top Wood Flame Maple
    Body Wood African Mahogany
    Finish Type High gloss polyester
    Finish Color Neptune Blue
    Back Finish Neptune Blue
    Binding Creme
    Neck Wood Roasted Maple
    Fingerboard Roasted Birdseye Maple
    Neck Carve Axis
    Scale Length 25-1/2"
    Neck Radius 10"
    Frets 22 Stainless Steel High profile, medium width
    Width at Nut 1-5/8"
    Neck Finish Satin
    Inlays Black Dots
    Side Dots Black
    Headstock Gloss 4-2
    Bridge Pickup DiMarzio custom humbucking
    Neck Pickup DiMarzio custom humbucking
    Hardware Nickel/Chrome
    Bridge Music Man® locking tremolo with fine tuners
    Tuners Schaller M6LA with pearl buttons
    Controls 3-way toggle pickup selector
    Electronics 500kohm volume pot
    Case Hardshell Molded
    Weight 7.65

    Ernie Ball Music Man Axis PDN (Premier Dealer Network) Neptune Blue | Electric Guitars | Wild West Guitars

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    Christ, I knew the Axis would look spectacular in this package. Congrats on the gorgeous piece guys!
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    Holy crap, that is amazing!!!!
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    The maple tops are really showcasing what a beautiful color Neptune Blue is. W-O-W. Super nice!

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    Wow, I might have to have an Axis too now...
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    C'mon guys, must you post that?

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    WOWWWWWWW!!!! Obviously I missed this big feature: mahogany bodies. Wish I had the cash!

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    That's a Stunner !
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    Crazy guitar!!!! Stunning!!! I could kill to see an AL!!!! Right now!

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    I used to think that Pacific Blue Burst was the most amazing finish one could imagine for the Axis. That changed a few seconds ago.

    Boy, that is absolutely stunning!
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    I'm really curious how the tone of the mahogany is, compared to basswood?
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    The roasted maple neck is outstanding. Great guitar EBMM!

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    woooowooooo!!! All aboard the GAS-town express!!!! What a beautiful guitar!!!
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    I couldn't stop thinking about this axe all weekend. And no way I can afford. So not even bothering to approach the wife about it. But I just love this damn thing. So much attention seemed to be on the JPs and such...and then...BAM! AXIS, B*TCHES!

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    The color, and that roasted neck are beautiful, i would love hear the mahogany with the axis, that is my fave guitar, and a real good quilt would look great!

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