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Thread: Did the JP13 make an appearance 7 years ago?

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    Did the JP13 make an appearance 7 years ago?

    This is not to cause any trouble,like a few idiots have recently
    I was just watching the making of systematic chaos,and i couldnt believe my eyes

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    That's a JP7 model. The color is the same Sterling Silver though.
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    Oh i see.thanks Benji..I need my eyes testing.haha

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    Sterling Silver was actually a bit different than the Platinum Silver we use on the 13.
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    Yeah, just a JP7 in silver color.
    If I'm not mistaken, I remember seen John playing this very guitar live.

    On the off-topic side: oh boy, I miss seeing Portnoy with the guys

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    John's main JP7 color was Gunsmoke.
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    John played this guitar as his main 7-string on Live in Budokan.
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    How does the sterling silver compare to the current silver sparkle? I'm assuming it just has more sparkle to it. The silver sparkle one I have is SUPER sparkly. I was a little taken back at first, but I love it now. Really has that automobile paint feel to it.
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    Did the JP13 make an appearance 7 years ago?-1-jpg

    This is Sterling Silver :-)

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