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Thread: Morse Standard- pickup question

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    Morse Standard- pickup question

    I'm The proud new owner of a Morse standard in Morse BB, pictures to soon follow...
    Quick question for other Morse owners (I also own a Luke in Carbon Blue Pearl).
    The guitar plays like a dream as I've come to expect from MM, but since I'm used to playing with EMG's I'm noticing some buzzing from the Morse humbuckers. It seems to mostly occur when I remove my hands from playing position which kind of leads me to believe that it is more of a grounding type of issue. It really isn't much of a big deal because it really almost helps me be concious of turning the volume off or damping the strings when I'm not playing. I was just curious if sounds like a grounding issue or is it somewhat typical of high gain passive humbuckers like the Morse Dimarzios.
    Thanks, JC

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    That sounds like a grounding issue. Email me aj@ernieball.com
    "Hello! This is A.J.! How can I help you?"

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me: aj@ernieball.com

    PMs and messages written on my wall are not addressed as quickly as emails.

    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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