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Thread: Super Locks & Majesty ?

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    Super Locks & Majesty ?

    Do the Super Locks work on the Majesty ?

    What is the best color to match the hardware ?

    How do they look with the guitar ?

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    Sure, why wouldn't they? Looks and colors are extremely subjective. If you have chrome hardware, get chrome. If you have black hardware, get black. They might need to be drilled out, fair warning.

    Not to take money away from EBMM... but there are other locking strap mechanisms that don't need modification. Schaller works on a similar principle.

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    Bob is correct, go with the black ones. I have chrome and black Super Locks on a couple of my guitars, both look great. No mod required.

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    Your original screws should fit the strap locks perfectly, no drilling required.
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    I threw some EB strap locks on my Majesty 2018 and no drilling was needed. They sit perfectly in the saddle and lock to far. I'd hate to have an accident with this guitar as its not only my favorite axe but looks so incredible. I used to screws that were already in the guitar and found they worked.

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    I use the EB Super Locks on all of my EBMM guitars. No modification or drilling is necessary. I use the screws that come with the Super Locks. If you measure them side by side to the original pins & screws - once installed their length is identical. The Super Locks screws are shorter because they sit farther down into the end pin. The original pins will go deeper if installed with the Super Locks (if that's what you want).
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    I got the super lock on my extra drilling needed

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