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Thread: No love for the Axis Semi-hollow?

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    No love for the Axis Semi-hollow?

    This pic makes me want it! However, I rarely see anyone post about it. Anybody has them?
    No love for the Axis Semi-hollow?-hlhx4muoi9s1znx0tfug-jpg
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    They are fairly new still I just bought one and it is quickly becoming my main, light, resonant and well built heres a couple pics, not normally a natural guy but loved this one.

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    I have one as well, and I love it! One of my favorite Music Man guitars ever, and I have had a LOT of them.

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    that thing is divine!

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    OMG I'd LOVE to buy this one - simply amazingly beautiful!!!

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    I would like one!
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    Ill just leave this here

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    Mine is on it's way! I hope to have it before Christmas. Not sure, though. I had one for a very brief time, but sold it overseas. It's an incredible machine!

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    Wish they made one without the tone control.

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    No love for the Axis Semi-hollow?-semi-acoustic-jpgI have this beauty, at first It didn't quite work for me, but after cuddling the guitar a while and adjusting the pole pieces it is now firmly one of my favourite guitars for gigs.
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    my dealer has had one since they were first released.... can't sell it to save his life. My part of northeast Florida isn't a mecca for guitar players but he has a fair amount of traffic in his store. I made a comment that it looks like a guitar that doesn't know what it wants to be and he shook his head in agreement. Personally, I love it..but... I wouldn't know how to put it to use.

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    It is on my wish list. I would love to have one.

    Bob123...I love that one!

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    I have to agree with DrewH here. I find the Axis a tad too "sporty" for a semihollow version, but that is just me. Perhaps, a more "traditional" looking guitar like the Armada would have been a more obvious choice.
    Also, I guess many people associate semi-hollow guitars with jazz, so if you are not a fan of the genre you might overlook these beauties for their solid version sisters
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinUK View Post
    No love for the Axis Semi-hollow?-semi-acoustic-jpgI have this beauty, at first It didn't quite work for me, but after cuddling the guitar a while and adjusting the pole pieces it is now firmly one of my favourite guitars for gigs.
    That looks perfect. I wasn't sold on the "m hole", but I think it looks awesome with that color. The piezo and trem are nice additions as well.

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    They Look pretty Sweet!...Love to try one!
    Lonney B

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