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Thread: Questions about JP13

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    yes, you can use the upper jack directly to the aux in (if using 2 seperate cABLEs)
    or, you can use a TRS split cable (like a insert cable for a PA or dedicate stereo cable) and run tip to HD500x mags input and ring to aux in)
    Then you can toggle between acoustic/mags or both. HUGE sound
    dannyMUSIC...mashing guitars since 1972

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    Hi dannymusic,

    Thank you very much for the reply and answer! Can you elaborate a little further as to what is "tip", "mags" and "ring"? Would it be possible for you to post me a link to a TRS split cable you're referring to? (If you cannot post the link on the forums, would you mind PM'ing me a link?) If I use 2 separate guitar cables will it achieve the same result or is the TRS split cable the better choice?

    I am not sure what the "mags" input is and the difference between the "Tip" and "Ring" you are referring to.

    Also, you said you can toggle between acoustic/mags or both. How would I achieve that?

    Again thank you for the reply and your answers!

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    I finally received the TRS split cable but I am not sure if I have it connected correctly. As instructed in your post on my thread, I connected the stereo end of the TRS cable to the Stereo output on the JP 13 and connected the mono "Tip" to the Guitar-in of the Pod HD500x and the mono "Ring" to the Aux input of the Pod HD500x and have the HD500x's inputs set to Guitar in and Aux.

    When playing with the regular pickups the sound is amazing - just like you said it would be, however when I switch to Piezo only, the Piezo sounds funny - I am not sur\e how else to explain it. It's not really distorted, it just does not sound very good. If I just connect a regular mono guitar cable from the guitar to the guitar-in of the POD HD500x, the Piezo sounds great, however I do not get the great sound from the regular pickups as I do when I use the TRS cable.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? I think the cable works fine as I do get sound out of both the stereo and Ring and Tip parts of the cable, however like stated above, when I try to switch tp Piezo only, the Piezo does not sound good, it is difficult to explain the exact sound it gives, but it isn't very good -that's the best way to explain it.

    Should I try switching the Ring" to the Guitar-in of the POD "Tip" to the Aux? I am also sure the battery is fine in the JP13 as the Piezo sounds great when just running a single mono guitar cable to the Guitar-in of the Pod.

    Do you or anyone else have any suggestions/ideas and or troubleshooting steps I can try? I really want the huge, great sound I get from my pickups when using the TRS cable, it's only when I switch to Piezo only that the Piezo sounds bad.

    Thank you everyone again for all of your help I sincerely appreciate it!

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