Hi everyone!

I just wanted to know if some fellow JP/EB guitar users could give me some helpful tips on maintenance.

I have about a 15 year old JP6 (one of the first for commercial production) and I have taken care of it extremely well, the one thing that eludes me are the pickup switches. They have grown dull and not shiny anymore (I recently purchased a JP13 and of course the toggle switches are very shiny) and I can definitely
see the contrast between the two.

Does anyone have any tips on how to restore the luster and, (for lack of a better word), the shininess to the toggle switches without have to actually replace the switches? I also would like to keep my JP 13's toggle switches shiny like they are with regular maintenance/cleaning.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can restore the shininess and luster to the pickup toggle switches on the Jp6 and to keep my JP13's toggle switches shiny?

Are there any products I can use that can achieve this or any other way I can restore the luster to the toggle switches and have them maintain their luster and shininess without having to purchase new switches?

(I wouldn't necessarily mind purchasing new switches, but I am afraid to try to rewire them).

But if there are any cleaning tips and/or products out there that would clean the toggle switches can someone share some tips with me? I would greatly appreciate it!