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Thread: Original Floyd Rose Pivot Posts?

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    Original Floyd Rose Pivot Posts?

    Hi all,
    I have one of the current stock floyds on my Axis and I want to install an original Floyd on it. I want to install titanium pivot posts from the floyd rose website, they're the ones that have sleeves that the posts screw into. Do you think that will alter the look of the guitar? Will the sleeves be noticeable?


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    Hi Glen. No, I do not think it will be very noticeable: the bridge and your picking hand will be hiding them, for the most part.

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    Thanks Tollie.
    The previous posts (black I think) pre-2011 or 12 didn't use sleeve either did they? Does anyone know if those were a specific brand? Maybe I'd go with those... I'm a little nervous about putting something radically different, but I do want beefier posts.

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    Two potential problems to look out for. Firstly an original Floyd does not have a chamfered front edge, which means that when you dive bomb, the front edge of the base of the tremolo unit contacts the body, causing the unit to 'walk' up the pivot post, which in turn causes a very unwelcome 'clunk'. (See the Youtube video chat with Dudley in the 'guitars from the vault' where he makes specific reference to this, with regard to the white EVH prototype). Secondly, your Axis (like mine) may not have pivot post that actually have an insert sleeve. Mine are a direct screw into the body! Happy tinkering in any case!

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