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Thread: Axis sport mm90 wiring question

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    Axis sport mm90 wiring question

    Hi all,i'v got an axis sport with mm90's which sound's killer with the guitars volume full up. However I like to control the amp's clean and dirty by rolling back the guitars volume knob. My strat and teleclean up great this way but my axis gets muddy. So my question is does anyone know the capacitor and resistor values I should use in the treble bleed? I love this guitar and would really like to get this sorted.Thank's in advance Llew.

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    I don't know specifically about the MM90, but if you've got a 250K volume pot, then this article recommends a 150K resistor and a capacitor anywhere between 680 pf and 1000 pf.

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    Cheers Bvdrummer I'm not sure what pots are in it to be honest, I'l have to have a look. I was wondering whether becouse the p90 style pickup sits halfway between a traditional single coil and a humbucker (at least soundwise) if I needed a different treble bleed to one you'd use on either type's of pickups?

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    There is no pickup manufacturer that recommends certain values for humbuckers vs singles, or for 250 kOhm volume vs 500 kOhm. I take it from that that they all work pretty well in most situations.

    I currently have the Seymour Duncan values in my Silo Special and it works fine. The Kinman mod works fine too. I have an old thread here...

    Spend a half hour with google and you'll find a ton of sites and variations and recommendation.
    Type treble bleed into your favourite search engine and you'll get all the old threads that came up on this forum
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    I'm not really familiar with P90 pickups, but it should just depend on the pickup and pot resistance. If you go to the very end of that article he says you can use a trimpot to adjust the resistance to taste.
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    Ok thanks for the responses,i'l do some homework cheers.

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