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Thread: Majesty 6 or 7

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    Majesty 6 or 7

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a huge dream theater fan and am thinking of getting a Majesty, problem is, I can't decide which model to grab, the 6 string or 7. I really would like to be able to play the 7 string dream theater songs, but am worried that I will be uncomfortable playing the 7 compared to the 6, and that for the most part when I am playing 6 string songs, the 7th string will be a hindrance. Was wondering if anyone had advice.

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    Buy them both?

    Ps welcome to the forum. Buy what you think you would use the most. 10 Years ago I bought a Dtuna thinking I would play a lot more drop d songs. I know 2 or 3 that I never play.
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    I was in the same boat as you a few years as far as deciding on a 6 or 7 and whether the 7 would be difficult to get accustomed to. I decided to pick up a JPXI-7. It only took a few days to get used to it. Actually, I feel more comfortable and quicker on it for soloing due to the flatter radius. My 7 gets more studio use than all of my other axes even if a track doesn't require the seventh string.

    My recommendation is that if you already have a decent 6 string, get the 7. I know it has improved my playing noticeably, especially when writing clean parts. The extra bass notes and inversions you can accomplish with that extra string are eye opening.

    Or get both if you can swing it.
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    Thanks for the welcome :-) I really wish I had it in the bank to buy them both, but I guess I'm just debating because I already have a MM BFR 6, so even though I feel like I would prefer playing just the six string, I don't want to not have the option of playing the seven string songs.

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    After reading that, the seven string definitely sounds like the more appealing option, thanks!

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    Well, if you already have a BFR JP 6 then the 7 is the way to go. My "buy both" comment is then perfect because you will have 1 of each.
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    I think the Majesty looks better on 7 string version. My choice is JP6 BFR and Majesty 7. now this combo kills!

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    I'm still a novice 7 stringer and fortunate enough to have both 6 and 7. I've found the 7 a pleasure to play and have gotten used to the extra string. Personally I would struggle playing songs on the 7 that I'm used to playing on a 6 string, but that's a me thing. Agree with one of the posts previous that if you've got a great 6 string then the 7 would be a good choice.

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    I'll chime in as well. I've owned both a 6 string JPX and now a 7 string Majesty and I'll be the first to admit that it did feel very awkward at first transitioning between a 6 string and a 7 string guitar but, with that being said, just like anything else, with enough practice it became a non issue.

    I would definitely recommend the 7 string model just for the simple fact it will open up more songs that you can try and tackle. I'm currently working on The Enemy Inside and Jaws of Life. Both require a 7 stringer and let me tell ya, they're a BLAST to play!

    I'll admit that the songs I've already learned on 6 string are harder for me to accomplish as cleanly on the 7 but, I think thats because my muscle memory takes over and doesn't care to compensate for the extra string.

    Still, I can play any song I can play on a 6 with the 7 and much, much more!


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    I have both a JP 6 and 7 and the 7 definitely gets more play time for me.
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    I'd say seven based on what you said... 777777777777777777777777777777
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soheil View Post
    I think the Majesty looks better on 7 string version. My choice is JP6 BFR and Majesty 7. now this combo kills!
    I had the same problem about how well I can adapt to the 7 string version, having maybe small-average hands
    I sold my JP6 and JP100D after purchasing the JP7 and now I'm trying to sell my Luke also )
    you will adapt fast enough , few weeks, and you'll never want to go back ))
    love the feel of the 7 neck
    worth to mention: I tried a few 7stringers , and by far JP is the only that comfortable

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    When in doubt, go with the 7 string. It might feel different at first if you aren't accustomed to playing a 7 string, but you will get used to it after a short time.
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    As always it depends on how much money you can spend. If you can only get one and you play mostly 6 string stuff, like JP mostly plays, then I would get the 6 string. If your curious about the 7 string why not pick up a new or used Sterling JP70
    7 string and see if you like it?? You can get one new in the $600-700 range and I'm sure cheaper used. Just a thought.

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    The majesty to me feels better in 6 strings.

    I have had both and I prefer it in 6- but I love 7 strings and I play other 7 string JP models.

    That being said, I am still planning to get a 7 string majesty, it just took a 6 to convince me that I loved it as much as the old JP line
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