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Thread: Roasted Reflex vs. Purple Reflex

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    Roasted Reflex vs. Purple Reflex

    Well, I had my first weekend with the Purple Reflex. What a great axe!

    I wanted to do a comparison between the two.

    I had the Roasted BFR Black Sugared Reflex for about three years. The first thing that I noticed was that the Roasted was way heavier, I don't have a scale to be exact but I would guess that there was a 2 pound difference, I mean it was really heavier. Not sure if it was because of the neck and body paint along with the ebony fret board. Some guys I know had the same opinion, as they have a Morse and a Petrucci and the RReflex was a lot heavier that their guitars.

    It didn't sound bad or anything, though there is a notable difference in how the two guitars sound in the 2 and four positions. The Purple Reflex is a lot more twangy - straty that the Roasted.

    The neck pickup seems to be smoother on the Purple one and the middle position is a little more defined. The bridge just is raunchy. The Roasted had covers and the Purple doesn't, I don't know if that makes the difference.
    Also, while rolling of the volume on the Roasted, it would really muddy up fast. The Purple is not near as bad. That always bugged me, a lot.

    So, I'm very happy with the Purple Reflex, but don't get me wrong, the Roasted one was a great guitar and I loved it.

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    have any pics of it?

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    interesting observations. Is the purple one (which looks cute) a standard Reflex with Basswood/Mahogany/Maple cap? what wood does the Black Sugar have?

    Quote Originally Posted by Miqueas92 View Post
    Some guys I know had the same opinion, as they have a Morse and a Petrucci and the RReflex was a lot heavier that their guitars.
    My standard Reflex is very light and resonant. It is lighter than my Morse, but not as light as the AL. Id say a bit more than 3kg. My AL has 2.8 kg. Morse... dont know... 3.5kg?
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    Hey Mick, is this the same Reflex?

    IIRC, they made 2 each of Purple, Green, Blue, Black & Natural.

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    Oh man, that guitar is perfect...except for the pickup rings. Just never been a fan of them. They aren't a deal breaker for me though.

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    That reflex looks sweet. Although I agree about the pickup rings. They seem a bit clumsy to me on what is a gorgeously designed guitar. I'd swap them out in a heartbeat.
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    I think if they made the pickup rings black with covered pickups and trans tops, these guitars may have sold better. I only saw these in colors at Guitar Center way back when...
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    very nice guitar browndog!
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