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Thread: Noise issues on my 1998 Silhouette Special HSS

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    Noise problem on my 1998 Silhouette Special HSS

    Hi all, this is my second post on this forum! so far i've been enjoying my Silo Special, it's by far the easiest playing guitar i've ever had. I bought this guitar used a few months ago.

    But here's the problem that really frustrated me.. The neck pickup (coil 4 + Silent Circuit and coils 3 + 4) on my Silo Spec is very noisy even when the Silent Circuit is activated using a battery. It's very noisy in comparison to my other guitars (I am connecting my guitars to a Blackstar HT-1).

    I changed the neck pickup to a hum-cancelling single coil.. still not helping.

    It gets quiet when I touch the strings or touch any metal parts, but i double checked the wiring, grounding, etc. and it seemed fine.

    Any help will be very much appreciated!
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    I would contact Customer Service. They can best help you out with that.
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    Roll up a piece of fine sandpaper. Stick the roll into the output jack. Sand the barrel of the jack. Corrosion will do this.
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    Thanks guys, I'll check back in soon.

    Anyways, where did my original thread post go?

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    It's back. Because you have low posts, your thread was moderated (due to links/images). When you edit your earlier post, it goes back to moderated status, requiring one of us to review it.

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    Hi Chalid,

    If you search for my name there is a post about something V similar on 11-12-2014. (Sorry not sure how to do a link).
    There are a number of good possible issues.

    Mine turned out to be a couple of 'dry' joints on the switch and the tech, one I had never used before and never will again,
    which put the last switch in wired it wrong.

    I spotted the wiring mistake easily but the solder was harder. Ended up just re-soldering everything.
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