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Thread: Luke II Fret Size?

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    Luke II Fret Size?

    I did a search on the forum but didn't find any answers to the specific size. Is the fret size on a Luke more like 6230 or 6130? Or something different from those? I'm considering stainless steel frets for my Luke and I also have another guitar that I'd like to try to modify a bit to try to get as close to the feel of my Luke as possible.
    Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
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    I don't know the actual size, but I believe they are a much smaller wire than on the Axis type guitars. More vintage Fender than Gibson jumbo.
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    If anybody has the answer to this I'd appreciate it too. I had my Luke II refretted some time back, and the new frets are quite a bit taller and a small amount wider than the original frets. I think I prefer the original ones, but I'd need to know what size/type they were originally, so I could get them replaced.
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    I would really like to know this too since I'm planning on refretting with taller frets. Would be helpful to know exactly what is on the Luke II.

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    I have same question. Frets on my Luke II are almost dead and i have to replace it. Does anyone knows height & width of them and if i replace them with dunlop frets, are we talking about : dunlop 6130, 6150 or ... ??? because these ones are low and wide. Thanks

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