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Thread: Thank You EBMM

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    Thank You EBMM

    I emailed customer service and tried to explain why I joined the forum with this thread title as my handle. Two weeks of owning my Axis and I am still speechless each time I pick it up. I have loved these guitars since the mid 90s, but never thought I could own one. What I failed to realize is what I remembered as a expensive guitar in my teens, is really an incredibly affordable instrument. I'm not the type to price shop or even look at prices when I walk into a guitar store. If I see something I like I play it and on that rare occasion I want something I do what I need to and buy it (I'm not rich, just work when I want something). I really wish I had tried one earlier and not let that stigma from being 13 and thinking something was expensive stop me. But don't worry, I have been telling anyone who will listen that what most companies call custom, private, etc shop is available from your production line. Five days on a truck and my Axis arrived with my B string only few cents off. Thank You EBMM-image-jpgAstounding! Thank you Music Man for making the best guitar I have ever owned for far less money than I unfortunately spent on some others.

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    Count me in : Thanks EBMM.

    I've sold every other electric guitar I had! I'm simply happier now than when a much wider collection!

    I want to add that maybe EBMM cost a lot of $$$. But they are NOT expensive for what they are : PURE PLEASURE.
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    Welcome to the family and CONGRATS on the beautiful Axis!!! While one EBMM is enough for some (myself included) for others it's not. Make sure to stick around here as there are some really great people in this little corner of the interwebs. Oh btw - MORE PICS!!!!
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    Even we mancave noodlers can appreciate the perfection that is an EBMM guitar.
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    Wow, that one's got a great quilt. A gold Axis is on my 'list' to buy.

    Congrats, and welcome to the forum.
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    That is a great top! We appreciate you choosing Ernie Ball Music Man!
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    If you have any questions or concerns please email me: aj@ernieball.com

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    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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    Welcome to the forum "TYE" and congrats on the guitar that also hooked me on EBMM guitars and what I am sure won't be your last. Hey if you think it is odd you never owned an EB guitar I can top that! In the 42 years since I first picked up a guitar I have never owned a Gibson lol.Usually you get what you pay for but EBMM has a way of building guitars of the highest quality, with top shelf material that would be an up-charge on 90%+ of the other 300 companies and builders models out there today. My guitars are made up of mainly Fenders (which was the company of my youth and the only guitars I played until I bought my first EBMM) so I can't knock Fender lol and EBMM. Once I was able to afford my own gear I always bought from the highest end of the production line and I never owned a Fender that had a spec of figuring on a neck and I owned a lot. Keeping it real the first time I saw and owned a guitar with a birds-eye neck was my first EB and the only time I have seen a bit of figuring on a Fender neck is if it is a CS model. Today I own 10 EBMM guitars made up of 6 different models and never had a single issue with any of them and the 7 guitars I have bought in the last decade have all been EB's. I tried to find the link from a thread on 'RThe Gear Page" that stated not counting Fender and Gibson name the 3 companies you think builds the best guitars today and EBMM was named in over 80% of the replies.

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