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Thread: Luke 3 pickups change?

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    Luke 3 pickups change?

    Hi, I have a Luke 3, it is the most ergonomically satisfying guitar I have ever owned, almost perfect...my only gripe is that the fitted 'Transition' pickups are too hot for me, and they are set too high as bought, and I cannot lower them. Has anyone changed the pickups or altered the electrics? Does anyone know where I can get a circuit diagram of the boost circuit? Thanks and cheers!

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    Email customer service for the wiring diagram.

    Have you had a tech look at the pickups? (Ignore this question if you are used to setting up your own guitar).
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    You can certainly swap out the pickups if you want something less hot. Or, turn down the volume ... the output is buffered so you're not going to get high end loss doing that.

    Since the electronics are proprietary, I doubt you'll find a schematic. Though it's probably not too complicated to someone in the know.

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    Hi and thanks for the replies; yes I am about to take it to a tech, but hoped to get some feedback from someone who perhaps had already been down this path and actually changed the pickups. It seems weird that you can't lower them to reduce the output a bit. I understand the boost circuit itself is of course an EB one but surely there is a circuit diagram for connecting it all together? Again, just trying to help the tech before I go there on Monday!

    Thanks guys

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    The preamp on the L3 is always on. It's normally at unity gain (acts as a buffer, no volume boost), but it will increase the output when the boost function is engaged. Because of this, the pickups are isolated from cable capacitance. Meaning, you can turn down the volume on the guitar without loosing highs as you normally would. So if you want less output from the pickups, turn down the volume. Same tone, lower volume.

    If you still want lower output pickups, go for it. EB will send you a wiring diagram if you email them. the CS dept is closed on Fridays, so give them a buzz on Monday.

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    Thanks beej, I can see what you mean re capacitance, and thanks for confirming that, I suppose my main concern is the lack of dynamic expression/snap for cleaner tones and feel that when a pickup gets close to the string the natural dynamic of the pup gets stifled, and wondered why I couldn't simply lower them. Thanks for the advice and the lead to the diagram.

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