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Thread: Music Man JP Majesty with single coil sound in Neck and Bridge position

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    Music Man JP Majesty with single coil sound in Neck and Bridge position

    Hello to everybody,

    I have made a modification on my Majesty electric guitar, now it's possible to have single coil sound in the neck and bridge position by using same push-push potentiometer. It's easy than you can image!
    Here you can have a look how to do this:

    I hope it helps for the guitarists who wants to have that option on their Majesty Electric Guitar.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you !!
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    Nice work Roman,
    Welcome to forums, stick around and have fun
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    Please tell me, can it be done on the Luke III HH ?
    I would love to do it. Someone there to answer?

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    I think It can be done on every guitar, because the main Principe ho to do the single coil sound with your humbucker is connect to the ground hot connection one of the coils. At the moment I just have JP Majesty, and the difficulties was to understand how to do this because there are a lots of electronics. I also have a Fender guitar. It is all analog and simple, I did a lots of modification with it. For example for JP 6 it's not a problem, but for latest models needs to have a look. I cant give any advise about Luke III, because I never had this guitar and don't know what is inside. If only pickups, potentiometers, and switches then it should be very simple if any additional electronic - it needs to look and think.

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    Someone told me that in my Video probably not very good seen how to solder because of low resolution. Here is the link to the photos with high resolution, I hope it helps:

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    I did the modifications today, it is great

    I can get the strat sound with the single coils, which I sometimes miss a lot.
    The modification is easy, and actually you can avoid removing the tone/push-pull pot if you are careful enough.

    Thanks Roman :P!

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    Interesting PCB.
    I wonder what the empty Spot that's titled Mag Comp would do. I guess you could install another Trim Pot, but I don't know if it had an effect.
    Did anyone who has a Majesty and a Reflex Gamechanger check the Boards? Are they identical? Maybe there's a way to unleash the GC Technology that's stashed in the Majesty
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    Incredibly simple change for maximum additional functionality. Bravo!

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    Ok, now one more question: what type of push push pot should i buy for this? Mine is the Luke 3 HH.

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    Thank you Roman.
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