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Thread: JP6 BFR bridge pickup volume

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    JP6 BFR bridge pickup volume

    Hi all!
    This is my first post here in the forums.

    I got a used JP6 BFR with the Crunch Lab bridge pickups.
    I noticed that the volume of the bridge pickup is slightly lower than the neck's. Is this normal?

    I tried tapping the pickups using a screw driver.
    On the middle position (single coil setting, tone pot pushed in) only the magnetic bar produces a sound. I assume this is normal. But tapping that same magnetic bar of the bridge pickup at the middle position and the bridge position, its pretty obvious that the bridge position produces a louder sound.

    I tried it also with the neck pickup. Comparing the neck and middle position, the volume is the same.
    Has anyone tried this?
    Is there a problem with my bridge pickup? Could it be faulty wiring?

    Thanks guys!

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