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Thread: Amp Suggestions please! Less than 30 Watts

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    Amp Suggestions please! Less than 30 Watts

    So current Amp is a 20th Anniv. Bogner Shiva (90watts) into a 1x12 Bogner Cab

    The bogner does a great job covering hard rock/blues rock stuff.
    What I am looking for though is a single channel amp that takes pedals well. Would really love to keep it under 30 watts.

    Basically looking for input from you guys as far as which would handle cleaner blues and even country twang (brent mason / david grisson type stuff)

    so please help me!
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    Mesa Mark V:25. Trust me...

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    QuietSpike is right
    The Mark V 25 is by far the best small Amp out there
    You got two Channels 6 Modes and the EQ
    I'm gonna get me one of them someday. I checked one Recently with different Guitars, Cabs and styles. Its so versatile that you shouldnt even need Pedals
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    If the Mark V 25 has a clean that's anything like the full size Mark V it will take pedals very well as it's based around a fender circuit

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    The Mini Rectifier also takes pedals well with the clean amp -- as a bonus you get the scoped modern rock sound or vintage rock sound on the dirt channel.

    I wish there was an easy way to tame Shivas, the clean channel is excellent and takes pedals but you need to crank up the back end tubes (volume) to make it shine.

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    A little bit pricey but I had a Suhr badger 18 combo that covered most grounds. I would have kept it if it weren't for the power scale feature on the lonestar
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    I kinda like my rectoverb 25.

    It's cute with the matching speaker and it sounds great with the MM I feed in!

    If only I could play!
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    Blackface Deluxe Reverb or Princeton Reverb reissues.

    Mark V:25 if you want to get rid of your Bogner and get a "do everything" amp.
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    My main amp right now is a Living Tone Brighton 15 and it's absolutely incredible. These amps are all hand wired and designed by Mark. My backup to this amp is a Dr. Z Maz Jr 112 combo... go figure
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    I was going to recommend the Mesa Rectoverb 25 but I see a few others already have. I have one and it's great but if you want a single channel clean amp maybe something like one of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietSpike View Post
    Mesa Mark V:25. Trust me...
    Seconded. Very seconded. Does a very good job of getting twangy/dirty at low volumes, but through a 2x12 it gets rowdy loud--way louder than you would expect for 25 watts.
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    THD Bi-Valve 30.
    @end, love_take = love_make
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    Quote Originally Posted by Movielife View Post
    Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb
    I agree about the Mesa' question.
    However, you said you JUST want a great clean amp.... I'd vote for this..

    Balls are Best!!

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