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Thread: St Vincent Prototype pics

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    St Vincent Prototype pics

    St Vincent (Annie Clark) was lead designer with Drew and I as support. This was an amazingly fun and great project Annie Clark is a natural at design. Amazing.
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    Interesting! Looking forward to seeing the bridge & pickup specs.

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    Love that!
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    Wow.....hmmmmm..... well, that's different! Gonna take some getting used to....
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    Verry cool! I'ts nice to see some detailed pictures of this, thanks for that bp! It does remind me a bit of the albert lee. But other than the rosewood neck, this is something verry different. How do those 3 mini humbuckers sound? And are they made in house?
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    Thanks BP!!!!!
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I've been trying to find some good pictures from her performance. This is much better!

    Really like this model, can't wait to try one out.
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    I'm seeing different shapes & lines the more I look at it. It's almost like two trapezoidal blocks laid at a slight angle, which creates the "pizza slice" (a la the Armada). I really dig how the "wings" on the edges of the pizza slice are angled. Cool stuff. Excuse the poor-quality MS Paint explanation.St Vincent Prototype pics-image-jpg

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    OMG ... I love it! It has a classic yet modern look to it. Great job guys!!!
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    I think I get it now....
    reminds me of avant garde dress designs...

    Definitely has a feminine form factor. Very interesting!
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    Wow- that's pretty wild. Very stylish indeed.

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    Very cool BP & Co.!

    I'm digging it. The body is like a female torso.
    It looks light in weight. A little smaller and it would have a cigar box vibe.

    Can't wait to see the specs!
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    Wow! Nice!
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    I love it!! Can't wait to read about the details on this model. Annie seems to love the Albert Lee but this just matches her style.

    Also, I can see Billy Gibbons playing one of these one day.
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    I knew it reminded me of something....

    Very cool!
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