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Thread: So I met Steve Lukather at the Toto Meet & Greet in Houston.....

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    So I met Steve Lukather at the Toto Meet & Greet in Houston.....

    Don't know where to start, so I'll just randomly list:

    1. Go see Toto if you can. The band is solid and Luke is playing his behind off. His "Little Wing" solo was other worldly.

    2. If you see Toto, get the VIP package. The lithograph, signed drum head, lanyard, soundcheck experience alone are worth it.

    3. Meeting the band was great. They are very appreciative, humble, and all around nice guys. Luke is every bit as funny as the interviews show him to be.

    Now gather around for story time kids.....

    We were allowed in early. They took us all to the pit in front of the stage. I though they were going to sound check while we watched. But no. They stopped and spoke to us. They held a quick Q&A, told stories, and proceeded to take requests for their soundcheck. After some back and forth, songs, and some monitor adjustments, they left the stage and told us to meet them in back. We were escorted to behind the stage where a signing table was set up. We were handed lithographs and drum heads and off we went, one member at a time. They introduced themselves (like that was needed) and signed.

    Side bar: I talked briefly to Steve. He was so cool. I was wearing a Lukather shirt. As soon as I got to him he said "Oh see, this guy knows what's going on!". I thanked him fanboy style real quick then told him I had a LIII on order but it wouldn't be ready until November. He stopped and said "November?" I quickly explained that my LMS became an EBMM dealer a couple months ago and I placed my order for one immediately. But due to production, mine wouldn't be made until November. He just said "Thank you very much for ordering one" I said not problem it's a great guitar and I can't wait to get one.

    After signing we went into the picture line. They left the table and got in front of a backdrop. When it was my turn, I jumped in and said that I needed Facebook cred and street cred with my band members and I wanted a selfie with Steve. He happily obliged. I took my group pic,and that was that. I grabbed a bite, caught a killer show, and a good time was had by all.

    I'll post pics in a bit as they're all on my phone and I'm on the computer right now.

    Oh quick question. What strings and gauge some stock on the LIII?

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    glad you had fun!!!
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
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    Sweet! Let's see those pics man! I met him back in 2012 and He is such a cool guy. I hope to see Toto in my town soon. Peace. (:

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    How was YES??

    I kid.
    Does anyone ever have a bad story when they meet Luke.
    Funniest guy around.
    And how great that the first reply in thread was from the head of the company!

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    Wow dude! Great story! I'm glad for you. I've seen Toto twice and they are amazing live and Mr. Lukather is a guitar monster! Will follow your advice and meet 'em next time
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    First off.

    BP, I honestly don't know who else you could have picked to be an ambassador for your company. Besides being a monster player and credentials to the moon and back, he really is a cool guy. Funny, personable, and just real. He was really appreciative that I was ordering his signature guitar.

    Anyways, the pics:

    As I was walking up to the stage:


    Obligatory rig shot



    Me and Luke!

    Group shot

    Showtime (that light across the stage was VERY bright)

    Bodhi Blue in action!

    Show's over

    For those who were curious, he used the Bodhi Blue, Sammy, and BFR. The BFR got the most use.

    I have never seen a player go through picks like he did. He used 3 in the first song. Halfway through, the tech had to replace his picks on his stand because he used them all.

    He wasn't throwing them to the crowd. Looks like he was breaking them. He'd use one, throw it on the stage, grab another one, and keep going. And so on.

    I've got the live DVDs and thought his tone was beefed up in post production.

    But it's not. His tone is amazing. It's hard to describe it, but it's just "right".

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    Hey Luke, Jackie O called.
    Wants her sunglasses back.

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    Great story! I can't get enough of Luke's playing, he seems to be just getting better and better and more creative with age. Love the LIII's as well, can't get enough of these guitars as well.
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    Great Story !! Thanks for sharing ! These guys are better than ever Live ................
    Please Visit & Like ............

    MUSIC MAN EVH Guitars


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    No problem! It was a great time and easily one of my best concert experiences ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    No problem! It was a great time and easily one of my best concert experiences ever.
    Glad you had an awesome time, we had a extremely kick a** time in Dallas Hooked up with Lil Steve for a bit and thanks to a great friend made it backstage to meet Luke, my story will be coming

    Awesome pics you posted

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    That's awesome! Sounds like the best possible time that one could have. If they come anywhere close I'll be there!
    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

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    Great story - definitely on my list to see, but have to confess that hasn't happened yet...

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    Cool thread i met them too at the VIP in Dublin and agree totally with your comments the VIP was totally worth it aside from the goodies I got the new album and the back plate to my luke 3 signed

    The concert was awesome world class musicians!

    Toto - Live in Dublin

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    See I wanted my back plate signed too.

    I guess I should have called EBMM and bought a back plate for him to sign until the guitar arrived.

    Hindsight is 20/20 they say.....

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