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    New Used Dargie Delight Albert Lee Day….whew!
    I’ve only been a part of the EBMM family for about 4 years now. I never thought I would be lucky enough to own one of the mystical Dargie Delight guitars, but the guitar gods have seen fit to bestow upon me a great gift…. Well, I sure paid for it, but you get the idea….
    I’ve become very fond of my GC special trem AL mm90 “Spanky” that I’ve had for awhile. So much so that was waiting for the right PDN finish to come along so I could order another special one to join the pack. I really wanted one with a roasted maple neck and different body wood. Then the new discontinued list came out showing that the mm90’s were to be no more, and I was sad. Not in a position to order a custom one at this time, I began the search for existing ones, new or used. I was surprised to find a few used ones out there, and as I was showing them to Mrs. Bebop, she spotted this used Dargie and said it’s the one to get. It was more than I wanted to spend right now, but she knows guitars, and how often would this opportunity present itself? So now it’s got a loving home with us and its brethren. From what I can gather, it’s passed through a few different owners before I got it.
    It took a lot of searching and reading for me to try to piece together the whole story about how these (DD) came to be. Very interesting and very entertaining story, I must say!
    One of the first threads I found with pictures of finished Dargies was this one by Pete Debaldo:

    And who’s front & center on the first pic???? Our new AL! According to the listings posted by Dargin and other info I’ve found, it’s the one and only DD AL made with ‘standard’ hard tail and piezo. There are a few more pictures of it further in this thread. We received the guitar along with the original shipping box, one of the custom “DD” leather straps Pete had made up for the pre-orders, an EBMM Zippo lighter (!), and a couple of pics of Albert Lee himself autographing the pick guard.
    It’s not a roasted maple neck, but it’s a fabulously figured maple none the less, with rosewood fret board and swamp ash body, in like-new condition. Plays and sounds as good or better than you would expect. My original GC special mm90 (Spanky) has a mahogany body & rosewood neck (and trem…), so there is a small but noticeable difference in voicings. I plan to play the Dargie a bit and didn’t want to wear off the autograph, so I ordered and installed an aftermarket pick guard, putting the signed one away for safe keeping.

    Enough typing….on with the pics!

    Balls are Best!!

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    User Info Menu pick guard...

    ---As soon as it came home, Mrs. Bebop got to exercise her mixology skills and created a “Dargie-tini” in honor of this special instrument. As you can see in the pics, it's right on the money, and tastes fabulous!

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    Balls are Best!!

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    ...yummy extras....

    ===Our current herd of AL’s…

    ****...I really want to thank the previous owners of this special guitar for taking such good care of it and for keeping the whole ‘package’ together! Have a great weekend!!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Awesome!!! Great pics!

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    Wooooooaaaaw! Lucky you! I'd kill for that zippo allone!
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    All 3 Alberts are spectacular.


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    Spectacular indeed, and a very rare Dargie AL to be hardtail and piezo. Beautiful!
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    That's the coolest pickguard I've ever seen.

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    Man oh man - I'm gobsmacked - WHAT a fantastic score!!!

    OK, one question: is the dargie-tini made with proper gin, or does it besmirch the name "martini" with vodka?

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    WOW!!!! That's gorgeous!! And the drinks are icing on the cake!! Well done.
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    congrats that is a beauty...

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    Wow, that is a great AL! Congrats!
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    Thanks for the compliments! Had it a few weeks now and still can't believe it! I do love the mm90 pups, and mixing the piezo in with the magnetics gives all kinds of shades of voicings. Tons of fun!
    The maple neck feels 95% as good as the roasted maple necks I have, so I'm very happy with that as well. A bit smoother & silkier than the rosewood necks, and a brighter, snappier tone.
    I'll post the recipe for the Dargie-tini later after Mrs. Bebop gets home...

    ....and I -LOVE- the sparkly green finish!!!!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Great guitar ! Congrats mine is the same minus piezo and I love it
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    That is awesome! Saw a used Luke DD last that color!
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