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Thread: A Special NGD!!!!

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    A Special NGD!!!!

    i will start off with saying i suck at putting what i say in words..

    this is not just any ordinary NGD, this is a special one, its one that has touched my heart and my families heart, a bunch of people turning something terrible, heartbreaking, depressing into show my wife and kids and I that good people are still in this world,as some of you know i was battling cancer and have since been in remission, as with anyone who gets cancer it becomes very expensive, stressful and a whole life changing event, i was unable to work, the wife was trying to work take care of kids and try to take care of me on a very very limited budget, as bills have cost us so much and just trying to make ends meet with bills food and basic needs, and then all my medical bills, we have not had money for anything, when i got sick i had to sell my, guitar ,amp anything music related just to cover some of the bills and food etc.. music has always been apart of my life, since i was a kid, so as the story goes, john petrucci is my all time guitar player i look up to, i like his playing , his style and theory of music that he has plus how down to earth he seems, so this summer i had seen someone selling a JP50 and i was told is was limited edition etc.. well while i was at a dr apt, the wife and my kids, took some money we that we did not really have to spend , and went ahead and bought it, they dont know much about guitars and what to look for , well when i came home from drs apt the kids and her surprised me with, and as soon as i seen it, so much was wrong with it, pickups worked on and off, was missing parts and the back plates, had the tone knob missing and instead some kind of switch that did not work, the neck was messed up on it was a total nightmare, that made my kids wife and I all break down and cry and my kids and wife felt so so bad, it tore our hearts out of chests, to me i was angered at how could someone scam people like that, when they explained to him that is was a gift for me who had recently beat cancer, but still has some other medical issues now from the treatments, and when trying to find this person poof they gone like wind, found out they had one of them throw away phones, police could not help since the phone was a throw away, even though we gave police description they said nothing they can do as stuff like this is a sale as is type thing is how the cops call it... so after a few days, i was contacted by two people who i now call family, and they wanted to help make the bad turn good, when i found out what they wanted to do i broke down in tears i was in tears for a week along with my family, as we was like omg people do care in this world, these people they know who they are on this forum, i will leave it up to them if they wanna say who they are, but they helped me out and was able to get Me a JP-60 mystic green guitar, it showed up today via fed ex, i have been playing it all day, this thing plays so so so smooth and sounds amazing , ok starting to get water in my eyes again.. so i will end this with a few pics sorry for crappy pics i dont have a good camera, but the way this changes color in depending on how you look at it is awesome,

    So just wanna Give every single person who works for EBMM and SBMM, every single one of them from the janitors all the way up to the owner of the companies.. they all will always be in my heart, cause its great people like them who make a difference in peoples lives ....

    I will always continue the fight and stay as healthy as i can, as cancer is just the first round of health for me to tackle an have a few more health issues to fight to be alive....

    and know the pictures... i will try to borrow someones camera to take better ones... but this will do for now..
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    Epic, epic story... Thank you for sharing, and for giving us our daily dose of humility.

    Makes me so glad, once again, to be a part of this forum with these great people.

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    It sure is nice to hear that people can be so kind. I'm really happy that such an unfortunate situation could be so thoroughly turned around like this. Your new JP looks great, and it's even signed. Congrats!

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    Oh man, what a story. So sorry for your trials and struggles. Enjoy that new axe because it is certainly a special one seeing as how it came into your possession.

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    Great to hear you're doing well - and props to people helping you out - health and prosperity to all!

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    All the best, monster. Today was the perfect day to hear a great story. Bad **** happens, but good people can make anything better. Beautiful git. Music = greatness.
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    Great guitar.

    Sounds like you've got a wonderful family.

    All the best.

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    Great story, great guitar, fantastic family! Enjoy all of these man, you deserve it!
    All the best from Belgium!
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    thank you everyone for the kind words Means alot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Jason View Post
    Great story, great guitar, fantastic family! Enjoy all of these man, you deserve it!
    All the best from Belgium!
    +1 but replace Belgium with France
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    Thanks for sharing your story!

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    Fantastic story! Thanks for sharing!

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    What a touching story! Thank you for sharing it with us. And what a nice guitar. it's so special.

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    Hello Monster,

    Thank you so much for your testimony of Love & compassion. Your NEW guitar IS special in every way. Petrucci has been my favorite guitarist since the first time I heard "Pull Me Under" from Images & Words.
    Enjoy your new axe...Blessings to you & your entire family !

    Let not your Heart be troubled.....
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    It's people like you that humble and remind us of the bigger picture in life. That in itself is a gift you unknowingly share with others, humility, courage, strength and character is something we should all strive to attain.

    I was deeply touched hearing your story. Your wife and kids love you so much for a reason and what an amazing thing they did for you. So glad that a horrible experience was turned around. Now you can rock out properly! What a sweet guitar, love that finish.

    As we say around here, welcome to the family. We are proud to have you!

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