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Thread: NGD: Cool Neck Luke

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    NGD: Cool Neck Luke

    So, after fighting a bit with a brand-new LK100D which I never was able to feel quite right (I don't use trems much so I generally deck floaters and add springs) I ended up returning it. Special thanks to Brian for trying to get me all fixed up.

    So a few days later I found THIS for sale from a good local one-man-dealer guy, and I had to do it. It must have been fate:

    I LOVE THIS THING. Took her home, slapped on some .10s, added some springs, decked the trem, tweaked the saddles a bit...PERFECT. There is not a mark on her. Apparently its previous owner was a LP fanatic who wanted something a bit more modern-sounding - guess this didn't fit the bill. He apparently never even played the thing. The 9V had a 2015 expiration date so not sure how long this baby sat - but she's going to see some action now.

    This is the exact model & color that endeared me to EBMM a few years ago, and that I always regretted not pulling the trigger on at the time. I think she's particularly pretty - some really nice alder, a gorgeous neck, and a perfect burst. I don't have to tell you how she feels and sounds. So now my BFR has a kissin' cousin.
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    Beautiful instrument! I'm really gassing for a LIII
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    That's a nice looking guitar!

    When I got my Luke II AND LIII they came with the bridge decked, and I wanted them set floating with 1.5 steps of upward bend on the g string, which I think is the normal setting, so I had to re-setup the guitars to float before I even got to enjoy playing them, which put a damper on new guitar day, twice! I suspect the UK distributor sends them to the retailers with them set like this, no idea why!
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    really nice, it ticks all the boxes for me, enjoy

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    Beautiful machine! The rosewood looks divine!

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    wow that neck is beautiful, and congrats on the guitar, that looks like it has a nice warm smooth sound from it...

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    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Congrats, it's a real dazzler.

    I wonder what it would look like, with a pick guard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayn View Post
    Congrats, it's a real dazzler.

    I wonder what it would look like, with a pick guard?
    A Silhouette Special... Lol
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    Very nice indeed! Congrats!
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