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Thread: Silhoutte Jack 3 pin Quick Connect

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    Silhoutte Jack 3 pin Quick Connect

    Hey hope its ok to post here, would this particular item be suitable for use with the quick connect system installed within a silhoutte?

    MOLEX connector set - Standard .093" 3 way (3 circuit)

    MOLEX connector set - Standard .093" 3 way (3 circuit) | eBay

    Silhoutte Jack 3 pin Quick Connect-3_pin-jpg


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    Looks ok, but it's hard to know for sure without the actual part #. Probably a safe bet.

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    Great thanks Beej

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    Hey just got these come through and they are too large.. any advise on the exact model of plug please?

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    Did you email customer Service and ask them?

    I won't have my pickguard off for a while. If I do remember to measure, I'll be sure to let you know.
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    Sorry Lewis.

    I have the Mouser part numbers, that's where I've ordered in the past:

    Receptacle- 538-03-06-1032
    Female contacts- 538-02-06-1103 or 538-02-06-1132
    Plug- 538-03-06-2032
    Male contacts- 538-02-06-2103 or 538-02-06-2132

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    Hi Beej, I managed to find that old thread of references, thanks for adding them in here!

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    I ordered some a few years back and still have at least a couple left, if you PM me your address I'll drop a set in the mail to you.

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    fsmith that is incredibly kind of you! I have some coming to me currently.. so hopefully I have it right but if not I will be in contact!

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    Fred is just a "great guy" - I know- got the t shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudmurphy View Post
    You have an Albert Fred? - if so, there's a promotion waiting in the ALOC !!!
    Sure do, a mint greene AL...
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