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Thread: Hell freezes over!

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    Hell freezes over!


    ---> Matteo

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    No way, I cant believe my eyes here. Totally awesome.
    "What is understood need not be discussed"

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    Nice and major website update ! Good job very nice surprises.

    Nevertheless if someone can tell me what is the color left for the Albert Lee now that would be great obviously the picture is not relevant as this is a MM90 model that is not produced anymore.
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    The Stingray looks awesome!

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    W.Suitor Guest
    Love the new website makeover, really love the Cutlass, and really really LOVE the "trousered men" logo! Exciting times we are living in!!

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    Beautiful guitar! I think I'm in love with the bridge.

    Indeed, excellent "trousered men" logo, love it!!!

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    Whoa, I wonder what the "custom wound Musicman" pups are like?? And, I've put my name on the pre-order list.
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    Holy crap! This is awesome! Now if only it came in green...
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    Doesn't really float my boat.

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    I think the Stingray and the Cutlass both look amazing.
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    Sincerely, since I love the ancient Stingrays and Sabres guitars, I always hoped in a reissue. I'm a bit concerned about the choice of the "modern" 4+2 headstock instead of the old one, and not having an active circuitry on the Stingray with a bigger plate. A more "vintage correct" specs all around. However, I would buy a maple necked Stingray, if she would come in a broader range of finishes(how about natural with black or white pickguard?).

    ---> Matteo

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    The color offering is what it is... Keep in mind that there will most likely be some killer PDN runs as the "ability to offer more special runs" was part of the reasoning for the massive color and model cut down at the end of October. I do like the updating of the electronics and headstock. My guess is that they will play and sound better than the original versions based upon EBMMs history of instruments. I can't wait to try them at NAMM
    Trans Gold Axis- Flame (DOB 12.13.1996)
    Trans Green Axis Sport (DOB 12.02.1997)
    Trans Green Axis- Quilt (DOB 03.14.2000)
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    Is the trem cover removable?

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