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Thread: Those who have swapped pickups on their JP6, what did you choose?

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    Those who have swapped pickups on their JP6, what did you choose?

    ...and how did you feel about the results?

    I have a JP100D MKOA and a JP6. I've never been thrilled with the CL/LF combo. For whatever reason they just don't do it for me. I feel they're too compressed, and strangely, harmonics don't spring off the guitar like I expected them to. I can totally see them as JP himself uses them though - VERY aggressive and tight sounding for progressive styles, and honestly I like his tone; though it's not a tone I would use myself.

    Anyhow -

    As an experiment I put some Axis pickups in my 100D and it just completely transformed the guitar. They absolutely killed in comparison. I then tried Dimarzio a VHPAF and VPAF pair, and am almost as happy as with the Axis pair. I tend to like lower-output pickups for their growliness, and because when I'm in low-gain settings I can more effectively control my tone/timbre.

    So, those who have swapped them, what did you try, and did you like the results?

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    I felt the same way about the CL/LF when I compared it to my older JP6 with the D-Sonic and Air Norton, while I also found them too compressed and lacking some bite and clarity. I found what I was looking for in the Illuminators, which I put into the JP about a year ago.

    I am liking the results very much, and surprisingly the pickups don't just sound better to me they are also more versatile in use with other music styles or amps that i usually do not play. The CL/LF or DS/AN combos did not do this as well in my view.

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    Too each their own because man do I love the CL/LF combo.

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    Yeah I know - they're hugely popular for a reason :-)

    I'm really asking those who have tried alternatives what their experiences are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrickGlass View Post
    Too each their own because man do I love the CL/LF combo.
    so i do!
    changed the original "steve special" style PUP from my 2005 JP to a d-sonic to come more close to the mid-range sound of the CL...but the D-Sonic is way more compressed as the CL is!

    so if i can get my hands on a used set of CL/LF i would be happy....the other option is getting the new Illuminators....but they are very expensive!

    good to read, that Sigvard90 put them in and is very happy with the result...maybe i should get a pair of them for x-mas

    never tried any other PUPs in my JPs, sorry.
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    FWIW, I have a CL/LF set in one, and the illuminators in another, and............. They're both staying as is. Love em both.
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    i love the CL/LF pups i wanna get a set someday and put them in my JP60.....
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    Jeez I really thought I'd have more people chiming in with something useful to say, rather than how much they love them.

    Clearly they don't work for me, and though they may work for you, no amount of fandom is going to change that. :-\

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    I've been very happy with my Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell pickups in my 2004 JP6. I was looking for somewhat brighters pickup and they are just that.
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    Bare Knuckle are awesome, then there are different configurations for different tastes.

    I don't like the CL/LF either, I wanna try the Illuminators but they are expensive for me living outside the US and with a undervalued currency compared to dollar. By the way I think all new JP's (6, X, XI, etc...) should come with the Illuminators and the pre-amp feature, it's awesome but I don't like the JP13 and JP15 is out of my possibilities now. A JP12 with these new features and pups should be a hell of a guitar.

    I have a superstrat with a Dimarzio Paf Joe in the neck position and a Steve's Special in the bridge and I like this set very much. The PAF Joe sounds good either in the neck or bridge. I like Paf style pickups, I'm thinking about switching the pups in my JPX.

    I heard that the old custom set based on the steve's special and air norton is awesome, I'm currently looking for a old JP6 that comes with those. It would be interesting for someone who have had both JP6 with the old set and with the CL/LF to compare if they are in the same neighborhood or if it's a different thing.

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    Owned one of the original MMJP guitars with the custom set for many years. They were absolutely amazing pickups. Get your hands on a pair of those and you should consider yourself extremely lucky. They were arguably better than anything JP has used since.

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    I have one of the original pickup sets for sale but to answer the topic, I can't stand the CL/LF. They're a one trick pony to my ears. When I had the XI7 I threw some BKP Juggernuats in there and what a massive difference (pun intended?). So much more clarity and dynamics. I'm about to take the set out of my XI6 and the Seymour Duncan Alpha Omega are about to go in. I'm obviously a Periphery fan but the music I play is mainly contemporary worship lol. The pickups I go for need to be versatile and dynamic. Now the Illuminators are another story. In the Majesty and JP15 they sound fantastic but that active preamp I'm sure adds something to the tone. Correct me if I'm wrong of course lol.
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    According to Larry Dimarzio the preamp doesn't add anything to the eq, it's just a gain boost.

    I recently installed them to my RG655 (basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard), it's a great upgrade.
    Had the LF/CL combo in another guitar and I much prefer the Illuminators. The neck is not so different but the bridge... much better IMHO.

    Going to put some Illuminators in my JP6 too.

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    What about the "whole lotta Humbucker" from Duncan. Could be a good fit for the JP...
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    I'm not sure if you ended up switching up the pickups on your jp6 or not (permanently) but I was curious if and what you chose to go with.

    I'm liking the neck pickup but hating the CL, I'm definitely more of a SD guy so I'm swapping it for the perpetual burn (Jason Becker sig). Kinda high on the moderate output scale, slight scoop profile.. enough treble where I can actually use my tone pot.. lol, idk.. I won't know til I play it, but I'm very optimistic about the PB&J.

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