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Thread: JP single coil sound demo

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    Cool JP single coil sound demo

    Hi all,

    I made a video demoing the single/tap coil sounds of the Majesty with some modifications.

    The modifications I did are:

    • The single coil mod from http://forums.ernieball.com/music-ma...-position.html
    • Set the boost to activate automatically when in 'single coil mode', to compensate the lack in gain compared to the humbuckers
    • A mod to have a telecaster-like sound, with the first and last coil in parallel.

    This is why I am interested in using the Game Changer if possible, because the range of possible sounds is pretty amazing.

    Have a listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR55GQlCoO0 :P
    (EDIT: re-uploaded video w/higher audio volume)

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    Cool additional sounds! Definitely makes this guitar more versatile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samoht View Post
    Cool additional sounds! Definitely makes this guitar more versatile.
    Yes, actually I like the single coil tones much better than the humbucking ones, particularly for funky kind of music. I also dislike quite much the illuminators on the bridge position, I am getting the crunch labs tomorrow to try them out, it seems as if the illuminators are too bright for some styles, as noticed by others as well.
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    Well done, Carlos! BP should show this demo to JP! Makes an already amazing instrument even more versatile!

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    Thanks Jeff

    I am wondering whether youtube's audio is compromising this test, as I don't know why the maximum quality is 480p, which may affect audio in a negative way.

    Anyway, tomorrow I am trying out the CrunchLab on the bridge, so you can expect me to upload some new samples with higher quality and maybe on different styles. I noticed that the neck single coil (C4) is beautiful for slightly overdrived cleans.

    Unfortunately, the AC buzz is there, but it is totally worth it tone-wise.

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    This is awesome. Once my Majesty is out of warranty next year, I'm gonna have a similar mod done to mine. However, I use the boost too much for all sounds to loose the option on the volume knob. I'll have to create a volume boost on my Helix for single coil sounds.

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    Very nice, some great tones in there for sure. I have an older JP7 that I'm thinking about doing this to.
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