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Thread: NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Days! NYNGD #2015-16

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    Exclamation NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Days! NYNGD #2015-16

    Welcome to Day 16 of my annual New Year's New Guitar Days (NYNGD)!

    Thanks for the kind words and comments on yesterday's NYNGD #2015-15! Yep, the Majesty Artisan Series is the epitome of EBMM's brilliance!

    ...And then there were TWO! Sorry this 12/30 edition is coming pretty late (jeez, it's 6am and I am just wrapping my day and posting this). Again, I had a hard time choosing which order to present these last couple of guitars... This one could definitely be saved for New Year's Eve, but let's do this one today and tomorrow's will rock too!

    Today's NYNGD is pretty special. Yes, it's an LIII BFR with a Hazel Burst Quilt Top. But this isn't your average quilt top... Nope! This is an OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCKY top of epic proportions! Look at this!

    So, you're thinking, "Wait, THIS isn't the final New Year's Eve NYNGD? There's still one BETTER?!?

    Just wait, my friends. Just wait! See you tomorrow!

    I'll be back tomorrow with another NYNGD: New Year's New Guitar Day!

    Thanks for looking everyone!

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    (The back story in case you're new to my NYNGD: For the past couple of years I've done a fun thing that most of you I think enjoyed, and I thought I would do it again this year. Every year, I am a slacker about keeping my Guitar Gallery up to date... So, as a fun holiday thing, let's launch a guitar in the Guitar Gallery each day leading up to New Years Eve! In the past I've received PM's about my collection and whether I play all of these guitars. The same question came up during my NYNGD posts a few years ago and my answer was pretty detailed and well thought-out, so please check it out here!)

    (Also, in case anybody gets any funny ideas -- these guitars are not at my house. They are all in my very secure and alarmed studio facility. I usually only have two guitars floating around the house...)

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    My, oh my, Jeff...you have certainly embraced the Luke since you picked up that awesome Mary Kaye. This one has the suckiest top ever. You picked a beauty. I am looking forward to the grand finale!

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    Major suck on that top!!!! Love that one too!!!

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    Class of 15 looking like an all star team pic

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    That's an incredible top. Hazel burst is such an underrated finish.
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    Stunning. Thanks for sharing your passion for these fine guitars. Regards, Carl
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    Wow Jeff!!!!!!!!! I'm blown away.
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    I really like the orange hue to that finish in those pics... very nice!
    Balls are Best!!

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    One of the craziest quilts ever. I don't even think I'd be able to play it. That would be hanging on my wall as an art piece.
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    Black Luke III Tumescent BFR HH (2017)

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    LUKE OVERLOAD!!! This series of awesomme lukes is driving me mad!
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    2014 stingray 4 HH-----neptune blue---flamed maple
    2014 Luke III HSS--------bodhi blue-------birdseye maple/rw

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    Wow. Just WOW!

    That has to be the suckiest top I've ever seen!

    If this is the runner up, I can't wait to see the final one!

    Thanks for sharing all of these beauties.
    "The more of our stuff you have the more awesomely freaky you become." -- BP

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    That is the worst top I've seen in my life. Simply the most disgusting quilt I can imagine. I seriously have to throw up. And that roasted maple?

    I just can't hang with your truly awful and appalling sucky collection

    Just a suggestion for next year; don't have the updated pic in your signature. It's a bit of a spoiler if you're like me going through one by one and maybe check one AFTER the next one is already out and then happen to see it in your sig. Just my opinion. Cheers!
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