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Thread: Mick Mars / Cutlass at Staples Center LA 12-2015

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    Mick Mars / Cutlass at Staples Center LA 12-2015

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    That is excellent Derek! Happy New Year!

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    "The more of our stuff you have the more awesomely freaky you become." -- BP

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    Fabulous Derek! Will there be a Floyd option?


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    Its very possible but not for this Namm show.

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    Very cool. Did Mick approach you guys or did EBMM approach Mick?
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    Wow, that is very cool news! I didn't see that one coming.

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    Derek does this mean there will be a Humbucker option?

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    That is so cool
    I love that colour, sonic blue right?

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    I'm so excited for cutlass , Can't wait to try one.

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    I want one. Love his mike stand too.
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    Really hoping for a Cutlas FR. Take my money already!
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    Since we have a EB relationship with Mick we have always got on well with him.

    When the Cutlass was being created we mentioned that this might be something for Mick to try out. Especially the connection to an older Leo Fender design. Mick loved it before he got his hands on it. Simple pictures were all it took. He mentioned finally someone has got it right. Meaning a great Strat type guitar without being a dead on copy.. a more modern take on a classic guitar. Excited to see where this may go. I suspect a Humbucking version...Oh this guitar is light green..Looks white most of the time under the lights.

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    that is cool..
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