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Thread: New year surprise.

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    New year surprise.

    Hi All
    Happy new year to you all. On New Year's Eve my wife and me found out we are having our first child in around 7 months. We are very excited and I have already said he or she will be learning the guitar and it will be an EBMM of course.
    Sorry it's not EBMM related but I am telling every one.

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    lucky kid!

    The 14-year-old in my always gets jealous when I see these 5 year old Japanese girls shredding on an Ibanez Prestige; hell, if my parents would have gotten me one of those when I was a kid, I'd be a super star too! lol

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    Enjoy the Journey - Enjoy the Process
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    Jamie, congratulations to you and your wife!

    What a lucky child, starting out on an EBMM!
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    Wonderful news Jamie! As a father of two, boy (15) and girl (16), I can relate to your situation! I had images in my mind of father and son trading licks, me on an EVH, and son on a Luke or such like! Can you imagine my surprise, when later I learned that my son couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!! lol. He has little or no interest in music or guitars! My daughter however, is very musical. Funny how the cookie crumbles eh? Many congratulations!!

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    Kids are like guitars - can't have just one - you need a collection!

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    Congratulations !

    You still have 7 months of freedom ... after that you will know what "hell" means !!!

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    Congratulations!! I'm all about the family, what a great new year's day surprise.
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    The truest piece of wisdom told to me before my first was "you will lose sleep that you will never catch up on....ever..."

    Balls are Best!!

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    Congratulations Jamie!! I've got one coming in May!
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    Congratulations Jamie! Such great news to start off the new year!

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    Congrats Jamie and Dr Kev! I have a 2yo and a 2 month old at home... My advice is don't try to name them Luke, Albert, John or Steve... The ladies in our lives are smarter than we think and won't allow you to buy "baby Luke" a BFR of his own "for when he is older"...
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    Congrats Jamie and also to you Dr.Kev.

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    Hey guys thanks for all the comments. I will keep you updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrKev View Post
    Congratulations Jamie!! I've got one coming in May!
    Congrats Kev. Not that long for you now then.
    "What is understood need not be discussed"

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