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Thread: AX40 vs AX40D question

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    AX40 vs AX40D question

    Been searching for an AX40D and came across one however looking for a way to confirm.

    A prior search brought up a result from here that said:

    - AX40 had rectangular routing for the pickups as...
    - the AX40 pickups have rectangular feet
    - AX40d had triangular routes and pickup feet

    Now the guitar I came across has rectangular feet and routing but the pickup itself has a sticker on the back that says AXIS-F. No DiMarzio casing or markings.

    The seller was told this was a D by the prior owner.

    Now to complicate it further I have seen a new D listed that had rectangular routes. Did SBMM perhaps pull back stock to put the DiM pickups but then used the original casings?

    Is there any true definitive way to confirm a D on a guitar with rectangular routing?


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    Would that be just the regular ax40 and the axis -f just means its a f-spaced pickup. My ax40d has rectangular routes but the pickups have triangular feet.

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    The guitar in question had rectangular on both. I can upload a pic if needed. I too thought F spaced or front. But why the AXIS on the label?

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    AX40 vs AX40D question-image-jpgAX40 vs AX40D question-image-jpg

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    I don't think those are Dimarzio pickups. They look like the Sterling pickups that were used before the switch to Dimarzios. Still a good sounding pickup.


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    Thanks. Guy wrote me back apologetic. He confirmed with EBMM this is a standard AX40.

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    Fake!!!! Fake!!!! Fake!!!! Run from it! The real ones say dimarzio B1 and N2 , but some real early ax40d s have the rectangular routes with the real axis pickups, Brian from sterling told me, they then started with the new routes.

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    But those pickups are fake!

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