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Thread: L3 fret size, stainless steel refret

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    Tell me how does neptune blue sound compared to a regular L3?

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    I have medium jumbos on my 3 other brand guitars and they are taller than my Luke II's frets.
    If and when it needs new frets, they will be MJ SS for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikolaK View Post
    Is your guitar refretted with Jescar 51100 or Jescar 57110 fret wire?

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    I’m also looking for better fretwire than the standard fretwire, because this is to low for me.
    Can’t make up my mind between the different sizes these days....

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    Im pretty sure its 57110...

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    I am planning to refret mine in the future with 110, 57 which I have on my EJ strat and Les paul. Jescar of course. nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NikolaK View Post
    Im pretty sure its 57110...
    Hey Nikolai

    Thanks for your answer!
    Are you sure that you have 57-110 fretwire used in your Luke?

    I’m asking this because i got confused...... in this topic you were replying on a 51-100 fretwire question and said “fits perfectly”.

    Did you also changed the fretwire of your JP6?

    I saw your utube vids.
    Great playing man....keep it up!!!

    Cheers from Holland

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    Quote Originally Posted by luiscesaripad View Post
    I refretted my Luke 3 with ss medium jumbo. It is taller than the stock frets, and the guitar got even easier to play !
    What type/size of fretwire did you use for your refret?

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    Hi there, sorry to digress, but could I ask if the stock SS frets used on EBMM guitars are Jescar or their inhouse frets?

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    Does EBMM draw their own fretwire? I don't know if many companies do, considering the cost of tooling, trimming, etc. Jescar makes fretwire in NS, Evo, and SS.
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