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Thread: Modded Axis

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    NGD Modded Axis

    I wanted another Axis. but never have bonded with the Floyd Rose. I know I could go the Super Sport route, but I like the one knob and the switch better on the Axis. I have had both and to me they are very different guitars. the first thing I did was to change out the bridge to a non-fine tuner FR bridge. I removed the screws and the blocks and run the strings through the back of the bridge, just like a top loader. I then ordered top lock Schaller tuners, these have the same screw position of the standard tuners so no new holes. Next was to install a bone nut and cut a piece of rosewood to fill the shelf left by the locking nut. I had a buddy of mine who is a pro Luther do this. I ordered new tuner buttons and volume knob that match the pickup and the binding on the guitar. With this set up I can pull up or push down. I am not a dive bomber and use mainly for a nice shimmer. I am sure I will get flamed some, but modding it was the only way I could get a black Axis like I wanted. All of this can be reversed, but I don't see ever changing it back. Here it is.

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    Very cool!
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    Very tasteful! Enjoy..

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    Like it a lot.
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    Very slick! Love the flat white tuner buttons.

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    Beautiful! Nice work on keeping everything well thought out and clean.
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    LOVE it! So nice! Maybe someday they'll make hardtail Axis's again.

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    Looks great! Would like to see it with the whammy, however.

    Do you notice a substantial difference in the sound without the Floyd?
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    well exercised! good solution for people (like me also) who donīt like Floyd Rose very much
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    WOW Great Job, very well done. Nice to see you kept it your own. If you wanted to change it back could you easily?

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    Quote Originally Posted by radrock View Post
    LOVE it! So nice! Maybe someday they'll make hardtail Axis's again.
    Thanks, that is originally what I was going after, I was just going to block the non fine tuner bridge. After getting it put together, I liked the shimmer I can get out of the tremolo. I wish they would make a hardtail again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eilif View Post
    Looks great! Would like to see it with the whammy, however.

    Do you notice a substantial difference in the sound without the Floyd?
    Here are some shots with the whammy bar attached. It did change the sound some, it seems to resonate more and I can feel more string vibration throughout the guitar neck and body. Still sounds like an Axis. On the middle picture, I had not yet seated the whammy bar holder into the bridge, it was still a work in progress at this time. This whammy is he slide in version that FR has come out with. Just pulls in and out like the MM version. Nice feature for removal, no more screwing it in like the old versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWDavis28 View Post
    WOW Great Job, very well done. Nice to see you kept it your own. If you wanted to change it back could you easily?

    Glenn |B)
    Yes, it would be very easy to take it back. Just put on the old parts and knock the bone nut and rosewood shelf cover off and screw in the lock nut and that would be it. There were no mods that are not reversible.

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    I think that's very nice. I don't have an issue with modding them at all, I have one like that.

    So your bridge floats. Seems like other than the fine tuners all you would have had to is change the nut (if you don't like a locking), since you swapped a FR for a FR but I haven't seen one of these before. However regardless of the bridge type, seems like the geometry of the neck angle to guitar that you still wouldn't have had enough space to lift the bridge enough to make it float. I have an Axis that is routed since that's what it took to float the bridge.

    What did you do to give the bridge enough height off the top of the guitar so that it would float?
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    this looks sick! extremely nice!
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