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Thread: Dimarzio Illuminators vs JP Custom pickups, opinions and thoughts needed

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    Dimarzio Illuminators vs JP Custom pickups, opinions and thoughts needed

    I'm just looking for a little feedback on both of these sets. Can anyone give me their thoughts or opinions of them in comparison to one another? Many thanks~!

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    I'd gladly take anyone's feedback on any of these sets.

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    Owned JP13 and JP6 original. The former has a clear mid range and bell-ringing bright high w/o sizzle, low is tight. While the latter has tons of low end, neck is mellow, and the bridge is a high mid monster.

    So to me, it's between clinical hifi like clarity with better clean and raw original sound with more output power of DT best era. YMMV.
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    I have a old jp6 with the first pickups and imo they are the best sounding metal pickups i have ever heard. The bridge pickup is just outstanding.
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    Both are great pickups... To me it comes down to clarity, dynamics and tightness/focus (illuminators) vs. high compression, fat lows and somewhat of a dark growl (original PUs).
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    I have only heard the Illuminators in a JP13 which has an active pre-amp and a solo boost, so it's hard to tell what they might sound like in another guitar. It seems like the Illuminators were designed to be a pickup with an even tone that will interact well with the active electronics.
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    Used to have a JP7 with the original pickups. They're fantastic and if you can find a set I would get them asap. I recently picked up (pun ha) a 6 string set for a good price on another forum. The Illuminators are a much brighter pickup and maybe a little bit tighter. Can't go wrong with either set honestly since both are very versatile.
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    I had the original pickups in my JP6 BFR (circa 2010) and I personally felt they were too aggressive. They did not last long and I swapped them out for some medium output DiMarzios after a few weeks. It has been years since I played them, but that is my memory.

    I generally do not care for higher output pickups, but I LOVE the Illuminators in my Majesties. I usually dial the volume knob back a bit to clean up the tone. They are clear, chimey, articulate. And if I want more aggression, I roll the volume knob up full (or engage the boost, LOL) and they get louder and angrier without any loss of focus or clarity. Amazing pickups!
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