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Thread: My first Music Man!

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    My first Music Man!

    Greetings from South Carolina! New guy here and I just wanted to check in. I am a long time player (30 yrs) but just bought my first Music Man, an Albert Lee 2004 SSS. What the H*&% have I been waiting for?!? I've been a strat guy, a Paul guy, and an 80's hotrod guy since forever and have had (and still have) the best that these guys have to offer. Again, why have I waited so long to pick up a Music Man? I am so knocked out impressed with this thing that I have to shout it out to all who will listen! That neck is so fast and smooth, top shelf all the way...best I've ever played....and this coming from a guy with an original '85 "San Dimas" strat and an early '98 "Wolfie", both guitars with huge "best neck ever" followings out there in the guitar world. Having played thousands and thousands of hours on these and many others in my collection, I feel I am qualified to make this observation: my Albert clearly beats 'em all. Tonality, playability, craftsmanship, you name it, it's got it. I'm sold and am all in! I gotta bunch of guitars for sale now fellas. Takers? I'm in need of an EBMM shopping spree...
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    Altough i am not as experienced as you, this is exactly how i felt when playing ebmm for the first time! Since then i have sold all my other guitars and basses and i never looked back.
    Music man simply delivers the verry best instruments out there, period!

    Btw, welcome to the club, that albert lee looks beautifull, congrats!
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    Wait..what? ANOTHER natural finish AL? With the plastic still on the P/G????

    OUTSTANDING! Congrats.... welcome to one of the 'best kept secrets' club...
    Balls are Best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    Wait..what? ANOTHER natural finish AL? With the plastic still on the P/G????

    OUTSTANDING! Congrats.... welcome to one of the 'best kept secrets' club...
    Thanks and I agree! Yep, got it from a guy in San Francisco. It has been stored in its case since purchase. Heck, it still had on the original strings and the sales tag! Little bit of oxidation on the frets and the neck was a bit sticky but a quick string change and a good cleaning got it running full speed! I will take it to my guitar guy and have him polish my frets next week but for now, I can't let it out of my hands!

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    Congrats! A little 0000 steel wool will get those frets in shape. if you like the Wolfie... I would suggest touching an Axis or Super Sport.


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    congrats! that is one beautiful guitar
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