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Thread: An open letter to Ernie Ball Music Man about my awful experience

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    IN the Midlands where i live there isn't much in the way of Musicman dealers A couple of big stores but they don't keep consistent stock. (in fact in Birmingham and Manchester we're talking less than 5 guitars).The smaller shops i've spoken too can't manage the size of the upfront commitment for EBMM. Shop i bought from is couple hundred miles away, so i'm buying on faith. Shame because i think Musicman USA guitars could be much bigger in the UK, but it would need flexibility with the independent retailers in terms of volumes for establishing the dealership and time periods to pay. (full disclosure, my friend is an independent retailer)

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    I am also in the Midlands and my local gut in Ashbourne no longer stocks EBMM either, so again it blind faith when buying but the quality is so good I always have confidence.
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    I'm going to close this until the MM folks can update it.

    I'd prefer to keep the issue on point and not turn into a discussion about the experiences of buying outside of the USA.

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