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Thread: JP models Maple top thickness

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    Talking JP models Maple top thickness

    Hello guys

    I just rewatched this video of the JPX making process and I notice that the maple top layer is a bit thin (or is this just veneer maple top?) at [1:47]

    I would expect something like 1cm thick maple top.

    Does anybody know what is the specification for the maple top thickness of JP models ?
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    1/4 of a inch or so. In the JPXX series (beside the jp15) they are all painted, the top is for tone. It would be pointless to put a veneer top on a painted guitar, it wouldnt really change the tone.
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    I could watch that video all day!

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    More like a 1/8 of an inch... That's also about the thickness of the Koa top of my Petrucci BFR (looking at the pickup cavity). It's rather thin but you're right MM would not bother putting a maple cap and then paint over it if it had no significant tonal impact.
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