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Thread: My body is cracking!

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    My body is cracking!

    These little cracks are getting bigger and I'm not sure why they are occurring. I am very good to my instrument and keep it in its case in a humidity controlled environment. I don't do any weird tricks where i bend the neck off the body to get vibrato, so I have no idea why this is happening! This is my dream guitar please help!

    As you can see the cracks are on the body on both sides of the neck...


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    They are stress cracks- not uncommon in that same spot. If you're really concerned, contact the MM customer support folks (link in my signature) and let them advise you.

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    As beej says, stress cracks are not uncommon on any bolt-on neck guitar, and 99% of the time they are purely cosmetic and not structural at all.
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    Saw this posted on the ebmm facebook comunity and the answers you got there are correct. It is verry comon on bolt on designs that have a snug fit. There is no harm, just surface damage.
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    Had it on a couple MM guitars and I've seen it on many others too. Common issue and just seems to be how it goes sometimes with a bolt on.

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    saw this on fb too. Even Albert Lee himself said something. Indeed there are many threads about stress cracks here, and contacing CS will help the most. We can´t judge this by pics but are pretty sure that this are common stress cracks. That doesn´t make them better, I know. Many of us have them on their guitars
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    My axis is a week old and it has them. Like others have said, its super common, not structural related. Its most likely just in the clear coat on the surface
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    My Silhouette came with one. I looked it up and wasn't concerned. It's a tool, not a baseball card. As noted earlier, it's a sign of a snug fit.
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    Hear hear, it's on on my favourite Luke as well for more than 10 years. Still better playing and sounding as my other Luke.
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    Awesome thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I posted this on Facebook after I thought that this didn't post for some reason. Glad to know that it's just cosmetic.

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