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Thread: New Used Blue AL Day... x2

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    New Used Blue AL Day... x2

    Ögot the blues!

    First: Found this HHAL for a good price online and ordered it in. The idea was as a back up to my trans walnut HHAL that Iíve had for awhile (which has basically become my number one gee-tarÖ).
    However, I like the new one better! Itís another GC special w/ coil splits and a turquoise pearl finish that rocks. Itís been played a good bit and is well broken in. Itís a bit smoother and sweeter than my other one, so now itís going to be my workhorse for the time being.

    Second: I posted my LIII up for trade here a couple of weeks ago and landed this SSS beauty from DrugDM. The LIII is a fabulous guitar, but I just couldnít bond with it. I realized I need more ALís instead. So Mr. DrugDM was in a similar situation except the opposite, and seeing my Ďfor tradeí post, offered up his like-new Sky Blue SSS AL. Iíve been lusting after something with this finish for a few years, and am very pleased with the trade. This is an outstanding guitar!

    I really prefer my ALís to have trems, and I floated both of these for the time being. Flutters and gargles galore!

    Hopefully Iíll get time in the near future to get a few shots of my full AL clan all together. Iím up to 5 now
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    The only thing better than owning an Al : owning two! Oups sorry : five!

    +1 for the matching set!

    I really need to buy that Dargie Delight MM90 from Dubaldo to catch up with you lol!
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    Envy - that sky blue triple S should be hanging on my wall! Lol
    Great scores both. Once you've been AL there is no going back

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    Oh my! I love blue guitars (really I'm a sucker for anything blue/green/purple or sunburst - yeah, not sure how SB got in there either. ). But I especially like blue ALs. Someday I'll hunt down an original blue dawn, but I digress.

    Those are some great guitars you have, now you need a blue MM90 AL!

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    Wow! That sky blue is incredible. Seriously gorgeous guitar.

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    Congrats! Very nice! I really love my GC AL as well. It can do anything with the coil split. The only EBMM with more tonal options is the Reflex and not by much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edhalen View Post
    The only EBMM with more tonal options is the Reflex and not by much.
    Ahem ... Morse!

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    two very nice guitars!
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    Beauties, both!
    @end, love_take = love_make
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    Lovely AL's! The sss is killer, congrats!
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    Love it! Need an AL....

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    Great - post 'em on facebook on the Musicman page - Albert pops by once in a while :-)
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    That turquoise is amazing - nice score!

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    When you find what you like - stick with it.

    And +1 to beej's comment!

    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
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