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Thread: NGD: Black & Gold - Rosewood Neck Silhouette

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    NGD: Black & Gold - Rosewood Neck Silhouette

    Hey all, I dont post loads here but thought id share this Silhouette ive had for a while now. I have since had an extra sss scratchplate made up so I have more tonal options etc, I believe the HSH it came with is a 59 in the neck and then stock dimarzios. Really like the sounds out of it etc but..

    The one thing I have found with the neck is it does feel a little.. dry/rough? I've used the wonder wipes before on a maple silhouette and it kinda helped but a little bit of me feels like I could be doing wrong or leaving it on too long etc.. any advice on this would be really appreciated - I do love the sound, just the feel of the neck isnt as sweet at my jp7

    NGD: Black & Gold - Rosewood Neck Silhouette-img_5453-jpgNGD: Black & Gold - Rosewood Neck Silhouette-img_5823-jpgNGD: Black & Gold - Rosewood Neck Silhouette-img_5826-jpg

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    Might be worth giving it a coat of gunstock oil. Any rough spots could be raised grain and just need rubbing down lightly first 1000 wet and dry, then oil it

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    Those look great! If it were my neck, I'd use 0000 steel wool to see if that might smooth the neck, before using something more aggressive. Good luck.

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    Drew Montell from EBMM tells you how to care for your neck here:

    YouTube - Caring for your Music Man neck & Fretboard

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    Top video - thanks for the link

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    Rosewood? It should just need lemon oil. That works great on mine.

    Oh, and that is a sweet guitar. How do you like the single coil in the neck? What pickups are you using?
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    Thanks for all the replies guys - Am i correct in thinking the wonder wipes have lemon oil in so I can just use those? Gonna attempt to do this tonight hopefully.

    @siddius - I got a set of mayer style pickups made by a UK company called Mojo, they are great for that finger style - its odd, the more variation of humbuckers I try the more I want haha. Im really tempted to try some dimarzio cruizers though as I love the sound they seem to make from andy timmons / demos etc etc

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