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Thread: When is too old to buy used?

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    When is too old to buy used?


    I was thinking about buying an used JP6, I found some of them build between years 2002-2008 for 1300 euros (Europe), but I'm not sure if it's too much money, if 10 years is too much for one of this guitars (having to repair frets soon, etc.) or if I won't be able to sell them again in some years if I need to.

    I trust in Music Man guitars but, do you think it is worth?

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    I skipped on a JP 6 mystic dream for a 1200 euros. (Let another forumite friend buy it : he was more into JP's music than I'm.)

    It was in perfect condition.

    Age is nothing if the guitar has been treated well. Go ahead.
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    Never too old!

    However, It depends on how much the individual instrument was played, where and how stored.

    For example, I have a 1996 Silhouette with perfect original frets, plays like it is brand new. It has been kept in my home and played limitedly its entire life.

    My suggestion is to get a list of condition questions and send them to each seller. From the answers, you can determine which instruments you should go try.

    Here's a partial list:

    What is the serial number? (Send to customer service for born on date)
    What is the history on this instrument?
    What condition is the fingerboard?
    Electronics (any scratchy noises from volume/tone knob or pickup selector)?

    Good luck!


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    My main guitar is a 90's Morse. They're extremely well made instruments, so age isn't really a factor. Just make sure a used instrument is in ok shape for the price.

    As for frets, they're an item that will wear. But a fret dress or replacement isn't the most expensive repair.

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    When buying guitars. Age is never a issue for me. Condition is important!

    Check for dents, scratches, ellectronic issues, fretwork, check trus rod if it works properly, ....
    Then play it, and if you like it, buy it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Jason View Post
    Age is nothing if the guitar has been treated well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Gordon View Post
    Never too old!
    These. Guitars are a passional thing, listen to your heart.

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    A guitar is never to old. It's all in how it has been treated. Some of the above responses have listed great specifics to check for and questions to ask the seller. Good luck!
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    +1 on: never to old

    sometimes i prefer a guitar which is older, because i know that it already has some scratches to i can handle it a bit different as a brand new guitar.
    don't get me wrong, i treat my guitars very well! but it's always heartbreaking, if you a new guitar gets a hit or scratch...and if you get a overall good guitar with some "road worn" touch, it great to take it out on don't have to worry about any further scratches or look after it every single moment with eagle eyes.

    to me important are the frets. if they are not worn out, it's fine for me....
    there is a JP6 with three cuts on the craiglist at the moment, but he asks too much...1700.- euro...not for this condition...but i would go for it, if he would lower to around 1200.- or so...

    it's as always: condition makes the price, no matter how old it is.
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    I don't get the "Are there any scratches? Is it mint? Has it ever been out of it's case?" I mean, I buy my guitars to use them. Sure, the cosmetic condition means that it isn't worth the price of a new guitar. If someone was selling Morse's #1 for $1500 (and neither of you knew), if you had that sort of mentality you would probably say " No way, budday". Van Halen preferred broken in necks (he broke them in himself, I'm sure) and I think that may be why EBMM started going with oil'n'waxed necks.

    Unless it has just been really badly taken care of (dust and corrosion, the neck hasn't been adjusted in years, the strings haven't been changed in longer) a little bit of road wear should signify that the gitter was good enough to gig. Someone loved that guitar- it was worthy of love.

    As the super inspiring T.J. Helmerich once said to me-
    Sound waves warp wood. The floors and walls of the great studios have literally been structurally reshaped by the sound waves of legendary artists and albums. That thinking in mind, a worn in guitar has actually been structurally affected by the great music that has been played through it. I imagine that a ****ty player may not add as much mojo.
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    difficult question and some good points already made here

    if buying used, I would not judge by the age. Condition matters. Neck and frets should be very good. body marks would lower the price imo.

    My Morse and my AL were new (Morse) and mint (AL) when I bought them. In the meantime they have many marks and Iīm sure I will never sell them so - as Joe said - itīs a good feeling that you donīt have to care about every scratch (as long itīs on the body and not on the neck!)

    used prices on EBMMs are sometimes out of this world nowadays compared to 2008 when I bought my AL and had a silo for a while. It became more difficult... I think itīs because the prices for factory new instruments raised, and I guess the sellers take the new prices as a reference and not what they had payed back then. but thatīs off topic....
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    I've heard they get better with time because the wood forgets it once was a tree haha. Dont know if theres any truth to that though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohdamnitsdevin View Post
    I've heard they get better with time because the wood forgets it once was a tree haha. Dont know if theres any truth to that though..
    lol! good one!
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    Thank you all for your answers!! Now I am determined to buy!

    I'm between these two:

    - With piezo, 2006, Vendo: Music Man Petrucci JP6 con piezo en León |
    (Does not look like it uses the current JP6 pickups)

    - No piezo, 2008, Vendo: Music Man JP6 John Petrucci en Bizkaia |
    (On sale for 15 months and still waiting ...)

    Hard to find used Music Man in Europe ...

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    Late to the party but I'll chime in anyway. My top two players were both purchased "fully grown", a 1993 "F" a couple of years ago and a 2004 Albert Lee sss just a few weeks ago. Both are miles ahead of my other, newer guitars. Guitars age like fine wine...

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