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Thread: Majesty 7 Complete Setup?

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    Question Majesty 7 Complete Setup?

    I recently just got a Majesty 7 and was wondering how to set it up properly. I know going to a guitar tech would be my best bet but I'd rather familiarize myself with the instrument. My previous guitar had high action and I really liked how it played, being that fret buzz was never an issue. As I was playing with this new guitar though, I think I'd rather have the action a little lower and more agile at the cost of minimal fret buzz. Out of the box, it was buzzing like no other, but after a few adjustments to the truss rod and individual string action, as well as following the setup steps on EB's website, I managed to get it similar to how my previous guitar was. Now, I am wondering what I can do to ensure my Majesty is set up properly. I have bought new strings as well as an action ruler and Big Bends Nut Sauce in preparation. Are there any particular measurements or steps I should take to ensure that the string change goes smoothly and everything is set up properly? I already know I need to adjust the truss rod, change the string action, block and balance the tremolo, adjust the spring claw, and intonate the guitar after changing the strings, but what particular things should I look out for as I do this? Any measurements I can take? Anything peculiar I should look out for?

    Here are a few pictures of the amazing instrument
    Majesty 7 Complete Setup?-majesty1-jpg
    Majesty 7 Complete Setup?-majesty2-jpg


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    You really shouldn't need to "set up" your guitar, particularly if it is new. At most it will require a few tweaks, but these tweaks are personal preference, e.g. Action height. There is no "correct" action height, only what you are comfortable playing within the limits of the instrument. It certainly doesn't need a guitar tech. Things like truss rod and spring claw adjustments should be minimal, and only when changing string gauge or other times when the neck is under different levels of stress. Don't over-think it, keep changes minimal and you'll find the majesty plays just how you want it.
    One thing is for sure, if you hand over your instrument to a tech and ask them to "set it up", it will come back set up for how they like to play it!
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