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Thread: My new St. Vincent guitar

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    My new St. Vincent guitar

    Here is my first Ernie Ball guitar ever. St Vincent in St Vincent Blue. I went into this blind and couldn't be happier with it.
    My new St. Vincent guitar-fullsizerender-2-jpgMy new St. Vincent guitar-fullsizerender-jpg

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    Very cool!

    My Ball:
    Pearl Redburst JP6 loaded, matching HS

    Wish list:
    to have a pair, still a uniballer.

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    Welcome, great guitar!
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    Love the inlays

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    Very nice! Congrats!

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    Excellent first post. Welcome to the forum!
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    Congrats and welcome
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    Congratulations very cool shape and great colour :-)

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    Thanks guys! Happy to be part of the family

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    Welcome dude! Your guitar is beautiful!!
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    Music Man finishes always are outstanding. This one in particular is very nice. I'd really like to try one, but MM guitars except Lukes and some JPs are hard to find in France MM tends to produce full rosewood neck in regular productions, I hope they will extend this feature to every model !

    Don't know if they did a St Vincent in their new PDN finish "Starry Night", it must be fckin beautiful. I'd love to see some pics of all MM guitars in this finish !
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    My experience so far with it is this: I originally got it because I wanted to be taken somewhere different in music. I thought I was going to have to adjust and have a little fight with this model. I was very wrong. It feels surprisingly 'normal' considering how it looks and it is has very versatile tone! I play with lots of overdrive and this still gives me lots of clarity. You can really hear every note in each chord I play.

    I was also concerned with them saying it has a light body. I immediately thought the body was going to be extremely light and have a heavy neck to make it a little unbalanced, but again I was wrong. Its very balanced and the while the body is light, it has enough weight to not feel cheap. It has the look of the old school plastic guitars, but infused with high quality materials.

    As I kept on playing it I found myself ALMOST having knit picky issues, but immediately finding that they ironed out all those kinks. It seems like so much could have gone wrong with this guitar that would give the player a fight, but they really took the time to make this guitar a comfortable ride.

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    Welcome to the family! This will most likely be the first of many EB guitars as they are very addicting. Enjoy it and borrow some other models from a friend to see what else these EB guitars and take you musically.

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    Thanks for the support!
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    Sweet NGD and congrats! - I need to check one of those out!
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